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Mechanical Designs – Textile Industry


We receive the inquiry for a company based in India for generating various Mechanical CAD Design & detailing for textile plant. Mechanical Shop drawings were to be generated for this project including the utility lines, Utility size calculations, fire fighting design, sprinkler design, etc... Architectural layout drawings were provided to us along with the details for package equipments installed inside the plant. Fire hydrant and sprinklers systems were to be designed as per NFPA standards, our mechanical engineering team were to calculate & generate Energy balance for smooth functioning of various textile equipments to be installed.

Chemionix Approach & Deliveries:

Chemionix Mechanical engineering team has detail discussion with our client regarding the project requirement. Package equipment for spinning and other equipment details were obtained from vendor understanding the utility requirement for running the equipment. Mechanical equipment layouts were prepared by our team for approval of the installation. Energy balance were generated for smooth running of various systems and equipments.

Utility line diagrams along with utility piping layouts were thereafter prepared by our team. 2D Model of piping drawings were also generated for various utilities. Along with utility layouts, other mechanical design like utility sizing, bid document preparation for purchasing equipments, mechanical erection tender documents, Utility room layouts were also generated by our team. Fire fighting layout drawings along with sprinker system design were safety design for this project.

Benefit to our Client:

Our team complete Mechanical design for 2 Nos of textile unit in record 4 months timeframe. The design deliverables were also supported by onsite commissioning assistance and no load trail for this entire project.

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