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BIM Clash Detection Services

What Do You Need To Know About Clash Detection Services?

A very important phase of BIM Coordination, that can occur when two different elements occupy the same sort of space or when any element has not given the exact spatial or geometric tolerances it needs. A clash can also occur when inconsistent or conflicting building information takes place. Clashes in many terms have always been around, even in the old construction projects. But, in 2D drawings their detection was error-prone, giving results to a lot of delays and monetary setbacks. With the help of the modern methods of clas date on tools for example Navisworks, Revit, it becomes easier to detect clashes early on and resolve them before the design goes into construction.

Chemionix is a BIM Service Provider that offers high-end Clash Detection Services, that are compiled with combined strategy, customer insight and modern technology. This help in providing superior outcomes in great and quick turnaround time. When it comes to the understanding of construction projects, they're complex and involve coordination between structural, architectural and engineering disciplines. During the onsite building process, any sort of error could lead to high-cost implications. With the help of our accurate BIM Clash Detection Services, our engineers and architects work on the identification, inspection and resolve of any clash in the designing phase itself. This helps us in saving time, money and even resources.

Our BIM Clash Design process involves:

  • Studying the existing Multi Discipline design provided by client.
  • Developing Integrated BIM Model for all the design elements exactly matching the true nature of project.
  • Executing clash detection test and generating report.
  • Liaising with client for these clashes & suggesting plan to resolving these clashes.
  • Modifying / updating the BIM Model for clash free report.
  • BIM Clash Detection Services
  • MEP Clash Detection
  • Navisworks Clash Detection

We work on creating Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, and Mechanical 3D BIM models for all the discipline, all based according to our client's requirements. The 3D BIM Model can be generated from 2D design drawings Or our team can design the entire project as per your requirement & specification with our in-house engineering team from Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing & Electrical skilled engineers. We efficiently embed a different level of details (LOD) into the integrated BIM Model to be able to provide clash free models, our BIM engineers follow a very promising and collaborative approach that highlights interferences, whilst providing suitable design solutions to resolve the same.

We work on various technologies like Revit MEP, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD Plant 3D Or Bentley Openplant for developing intelligent BIM Model which is then integrated with Navisworks for performing Clash detection reports. The report quickly identifies the areas & elements for clashes thus able to take proper action before the construction for avoiding last minute re-routing and chao on-site which increases project cost and time over-run occurring due to these clashes.

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