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Equipment Fabrication CAD Design


We receive the inquiry for a company based in K.S.A for generating CAD Equipment Fabrication Design for various equipments the company wanted to fabricate. The typical equipments were Distillation columns, tanks, etc.. Basic process equipment datasheet were provided to us along with Codes and standards for generating the CAD fabrication designs. Challenges were for designing the ladders & Railings for the equipments as there were stringent guidelines for preparing the same due to safety standards to be followed as per international standard.

Chemionix Approach & Deliveries:

Chemionix Mechanical design team studied the equipment datasheets along with codes and standard to be followed for this project design. As communication is most important aspect project manager were dedicated from each end for day to day correspondence and deliveries overview.

Our skilled CAD Design team generated the Fabrication drawings in AutoCAD Software under purview of our Mechanical team leaders. The CAD Drawings were generated with 100% accuracy on 1:1 scale in Model space with viewport detailing on paper space on correct scale factor.

The fabrication drawing generated was including of bill of material details, nozzle schedules, detail design regarding the installations, ladders, staircase, welding, pad plates etc..

In total approx 150 .dwg files were generated for various equipment fabrication designs.

Benefit to our Client:

Outsourcing this project helped our client in preparing vast nos of CAD Fabrication detail design in very short span of time & also at very low cost as compared to if done in their Country. Chemionix team successfully completed this project in record 8 weeks time for generation of approx 150 nos of A1 size drawings.

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