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P&ID Design Drafting Outsourcing Project


We receive the inquiry for a company based in U.K for generating new P&ID Design & Drafting from the old paper drawings and subsequent mark-ups for preparing as-built drawings for this outsourcing project. The company has very standards & procedures to be followed for generating the P&ID's in AutoCAD format.

Chemionix Approach & Deliveries:

Paper scan drawings were supplied to Chemionix team, along with their drafting procedure guidelines and as-built red mark-up drawings. Chemionix team first generated the legend & Symbol as per clients requirement, along with methodology to be followed for the line numbering system, valve No & Instrumentation Tagging details, etc..

A total of approx 80 Nos of AutoCAD P&ID were thus generated as per clients standards for Layering system, Font sizes & color, using the standard legends and symbols, line numbering etc..

Chemionix team successfully completed this project within 4 weeks timeframe.

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Chemionix also offers conversion of AutoCAD / Paper P&ID to Intelligent AutoCAD P&ID Conversion Services.