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and CAD Drafting Services
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Mission And Values

Chemionix Solution is a premier service provider that fosters exquisite low cost, time savvy CAD Design and drafting solutions, that caters to a wide client base across the UK, US, Australia and India. At the scratch, we ensure that we charge below the industry's average cost for CAD Design and Drafting projects.

Our mission is to consistently deliver high quality Engineering design & CAD Drafting services with high level of accuracy. We analyze the scope of work, conjecture about an estimate time of delivery, discuss on the range of software solutions that the clients need so as to execute the project, sum up the clients with valuable feedbacks pertaining to the project and carry out rigorous three fold quality checks before delivering the project, on time!

We assure that the CAD Services are 100% precise, at par with Clients' specifications and are delivered at the fastest possible turnaround time!

Chemionix has a state-of-the-art production center in Mumbai, India, comprising all the technological amenities and an in-house team of erudite and dedicate professional CAD draughtsmen, available 24X7 at the clients' beckoning. We are focused to deliver the best, even at Rush-hours and are always committed to deliver par excellence. We guarantee top notch customer satisfaction and consider a client's word-of-praise precursor to our holistic development and growth! We believe in our competencies, and deliver what we promise.

Chemionix Mission & Values:

  • Value addition & innovative approach for working on CAD Outsourcing projects with our international clients.
  • On-time & accurate design deliveries.
  • Client centric working approach.
  • Be ethical & honest in our actions.
  • Employee friendly working atmosphere driving their skills and entrepreneurship.
  • To become top 5 Outsourcing Company for Engineering Design & CAD Drafting services in next few years.