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and CAD / BIM Drafting Services
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About Chemionix - Engineering Design Outsourcing Company

We are diverse supply of engineering ideas, offering end to end solutions to clients across the Globe. When it comes to local knowledge provided by our experts across the globe, it helps us draw on our international reach and scale ensuring clients reach and stay at the forefront of the world's best practices, innovation, and technology in a constantly changing economy. You will be assured of our high quality and reliable engineering services that focus on individual requirements with services for Engineering, CAD, BIM, Civil & Electrical, Mechanical etc.

Know More About Our Team Players

Our team of experienced Engineers and skilled CAD draftsmen dedicate themselves to the challenging task of assessing the talent, effort and knowledge invested in clients projects. These thinkers, innovators and creators have exceptional experience and earn a reputation for delivering breakthrough consulting, technology, and creative services where forward-thinking is applied.

All these are built under a foundation on core values of compliance, quality, and delivery. Our experts aren't limited with their experience in one corner but have outgrown in the USA, UK, Australia, Denmark, Canada, South Africa, Norway, France & India serving over 100+ Clients worldwide on daily 24X7 basis

  • Engineering Design Services
  • Outsource Engineering & CAD / BIM Design Services

What Do We Excel In Doing?

Chemionix prides itself on being the most trusted asset partner, assisting our Global clients with challenges and solving every complication with great services and solutions. We provide various technical & drafting services for your project, with the help of an in-house team of skilled Engineers & Draftsman.

Our team have considerable experience in Engineering outsourcing, business transformation, and consultancy. We are well established in delivering cost effective solutions for your technical & drafting needs. Our mission is to create value to our customer by providing business services using latest technology and software's

CAD / BIM Design & Drafting Services

Offering Wide Range of CAD / BIM Design services for International design consultants, Contractors, Property owners, small to medium size Global Companies for wide range of projects.

Engineering Design Services:

Chemionix provides Project Management Services for industries like Pharmaceutical, Agrochemicals, Specialty Molecules, Biofuel, Oil & Gas, Refineries.

  • Basic Engineering Design: Preparing Feasibility Report, Basic PFD, Capital cost estimation of project.
  • Detail Engineering Design: Preparing AutoCAD Intelligent P&ID, PDF, Material & Energy Balance, Equipment design, Process Stimulations, 3-D Plant model.
  • Piping Design: Pipe size calculations, Piping G.A drawings, Piping 3-D model network, Piping Iso-metric, Bill of material.
  • Civil Design: Industrial Structural design, Quantity estimation, Load calculations, 3-D structural design, Bill of material.
  • Electrical Design: MCC Panel Design, Instrumentation & Wiring diagrams & design, Bill of material, Cable sizing & routing, project cost estimation.
  • Instrumentation Design: P&ID reviews, logics and interlocks, field instrument data sheets, loop & block diagram, etc.


  • Work like your own staff. Outsourcing is often easier than in-house development
  • Avoid Capital Expenditure
  • Reduce your Project Cost by almost 50%
  • Lower operational and overhead cost
  • Stay competitive
  • Growth & Globalization : Take advantage of technology