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Image to CAD Conversion Services - Map & GIS Design


The project was for our client based in USA for generating Mapping & GIS Drawings from paper format to CAD format.

Chemionix has good experience in CAD Conversion services for conversion of Paper drawings into dwg format on similar project. The challenges were to use the Lips command generated by our client for providing details for dimensions, right attributes to be used for indicating symbols in CAD drawings while converting paper drawings in CAD format.

Our CAD Drafting team studied the paper GIS drawings in details as available to us form of high resolution scan image drawings. Our team integrated the AutoLips command into our software for using the same while drafting on this project. Right attributes were also used while converting paper drawing to dwg format.

The methodology for preparing the .dwg drawing was understood properly by regular correspondence with our client, given briefly as below:

  • Our client provided the standard template to be used on this project.
  • MAP & GIS drawings were prepared in model scale (1:1) and desired paper scale used for detailing.
  • Accurate layering information was discussed and implemented.
  • Information about the text type, line width, layer color code, hatch patter, dimension indication were exchanged.
  • Preliminary drawing generated was sent for client approval. Suggestion were marked & informed to us for completing the project as per expectation.

In total, our team completed drafting of approx 125 Map drawings into dwg format in approx 8 weeks timeframe.

Benefit to our Client:

The total project was for approx 1500 manhours of work was successfully completed in 2 months timeframe. The drawing quality was as per our clients expectation and outsourcing of this project helped our client to save approx $ 30,000 on this project.