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Microstation To CAD Conversion Services


We receive the inquiry for a company based in U.K for conversion of their existing Microstation drawings & designs to AuotCAD format. Although the layering system & other drafting standards were provided in the native Microstation files however the CAD drafting standard to be followed were completely new.

Most of the drawings for Microstation to CAD conversion were for Electrical drawings like Single line diagrams, termination details, etc.. In totality over approx 45 nos of Microstation drawings were to be converted to CAD .dwg format.

Chemionix Approach & Deliveries:

Although this project was CAD Drafting & Conversion project from Microstation to CAD format, however the project manager selected from Chemionix team was an Electrical Engineers having good experience in design of electrical system. This value added helped in completing the project with a very high accuracy for generating design & drawings.

Chemionix project manager was single point of contact for delivering the design and for communication with our client. Right CAD standard to be followed were discussed and the methodology for preparing the .dwg drawing was understood properly by regular correspondence with our client, given briefly as below:

  • Drawings were generated on the CAD template provided by our client.
  • Electrical legends and symbols were prepared for consistence in all the drawings.
  • Accurate layering information was discussed and implemented.
  • Information about the text type, line width, layer color code, hatch patter, dimension indication were discussed and implemented consistently in all the drawings

In total, our team completed drafting of approx 85 Electrical drawings from Microstation to dwg format in approx 4 weeks timeframe.

Benefit to our Client:

Outsourcing of Conversion of Microstation to CAD Conversion project to us, helped our client for completing the project in most cost effective way and delivering design quality as per international standard.

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