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Hand Sketches to Revit Conversion


One of our client approached us for generating 2D Floorplan CAD drawings from the hand sketches & markups. The typical approach was generating 2D Floorplan .dwg drawings from the handsketches.

However, we suggested to use our Revit design services for working on this project as the final deliverable would be 2D Floorplan design as per our client requirement but value addition of also generating 3D Architectural model at the same time.

The project order was thus provided to us for conversion of Hand sketches to Architectural Revit Models design along with 2D Floorplan design.

Chemionix Approach & Deliveries:

The first challenge for working on this project was quick turnaround time required for delivering the architectural designs & model. Hence we selected a dedicated team for working on this project. The turnaround time required was less than 24 hours for submitting 2D floorplan design and once approved the 3D rendered architectural photorealistic images were to be submitted within 24 hours again.

Once the handsketches were received by our team, our team would immediately start generating the architectural model in Revit software and first priority was submitting the 2D floorplan drawing for approval along with sectional views. After receiving the approval / suggestion for the 2D floorplan drawings our team would immediately start texturing of the 3D architectural Revit model for generating the photorealistic rendered images.

Final design delivery would include 2D Plan drawings, sectional drawings & rendered images for the project building, all within 48 hours after receiving the hand sketches typical for less than 5000 Sq.ft of residential houses.

Benefit to our Client:

Our client was happy receiving the 2D Floorplan drawing as his requirement but also value added services for receiving sectional drawings along with 3D architectural model with custom texturing and high quality rendered images. The value added services was at very minimal price increase as compared to only 2D floorplan drawing generation.

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