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2D To 3D CAD Conversion


We received this project enquiry for one of our client based in USA. Our client were into manufacturing of various equipment for industries, & the 2-D drawing were generated by their teams for various plans & sections of the equipment which were to be manufactured.

The project requirement was for conversion of 2-D CAD Drawing to 3-D CAD Models.

Our task was to study this 2D & thereafter to prepare the 3D model of the equipment exactly as per the 2D drawing on true scale with every details matching as per the original drawing.

Chemionix Approach & Deliveries:

Chemionix team has good experience working on 2-D to 3-D CAD Conversion services. The 2D drawing mailed to us was studied in detail by our mechanical engineering team. In case of any query for any component or specific part drawing the same was immediately communicated and information was exchanged. Once the whole geometry of equipment was understood by our engineers, the job was then taken on next stage of drafting.

  • The 2D drawings plans and various sections of equipment were studied in details.
  • 3D model of the equipment were prepared exactly as per the 2D drawings.
  • The 3D model prepared was prepared on true scale for all the dimensions.
  • A single model for the equipment showing all the details, making it easier to visualize for making any changes for the equipment.
  • The changes required for making the equipment more technically effective and cost competitive were informed to us.
  • Changes amended to get the real views and introspection for the virtual 3-D model.

Benefit to our Client:

Chemionix team worked with this client with more than 1 Yrs for converting more than 20 nos of 2D CAD drawing into 3D CAD Models, resulting more than $ 100,000 as saving for utilizing our services for approx 2500 manhours.

Chemionix team offered a comprehensive range of Mechanical Design Services to our international clients.