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AutoCAD to Solidworks Conversion Services


We received this project enquiry for few customer from Europe. Our client's engineers have already designed and prepared the equipment on AutoCAD software as 2D design.

The project requirement was for converting the 2D AutoCAD file into Solidworks software and thereafter to extract the individual part drawing from the model as separate .dxf or .dwt files showing the part details for different views & dimensions. The part drawing was to be supplied to fabricators for manufacturing the individual part for completing this project design.

Chemionix Approach & Deliveries:

The 2D AutoCAD drawing mailed to us was studied in detail by our mechanical engineers. In case of any query for any component or specific part drawing the same was immediately communicated and information was exchanged. Once the whole geometry of equipment was understood by our engineers, the job was then taken on next stage of drafting.

  • Completed creating 3D Solidworks model from the 2D Design.
  • Complete part list was informed for which the 2D fabrication drawing was to be generated from the 3D model.
  • Standard client template was mailed to us.
  • Our team extracted the information for every component part from the 3D model, the extracted information was exported to a new .dxf & .dwt file.
  • The new file was then worked on for indicating the various dimensions, views, & information. This file also contain the information for bill of material for specific component part.
  • The part drawings were supplied to fabrications for equipment fabrication.

Benefit to our Client:

Outsourcing this project to us helped our client to migrate from 2D CAD drawings to a integrated 3D Equipment model. Individual component part designs were extracted for manufacturing of equipment along with bill of material. Chemionix offered the Solidworks conversion project at a very competitive pricing.

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