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Electrical BOQ Estimation Project


The project was for outsourcing of Electrical Estimation project for one of our international client. Our client has already complete the detail electrical engineering design and was looking for an outsourcing company for understanding the design in detail and provide the Electrical BOQ & Estimation for the project design.

Chemionix Approach & Deliveries:

Chemionix electrical engineering team has good experience working on generating Electrical BOQ for wide spectrum of project designed inhouse. However, the challenges on this project was to study the detail design completed by our client and thereafter generate the BOQ from the designed parameters.

Below are the key electrical estimation completed on this project:

  • Calculation of Cable length of desired sizes from the SLD and cable tray / trenches layouts.
  • Cable tray & sizes estimations..
  • Lighting fixture estimation, internal lighting and external lightings.
  • Earthing strips calculations.
  • Project costing to a accuracy of 5% achieved.

In total, our team completed generating the BOQ within 4 weeks of timeframe

Benefit to our Client:

Outsourcing of Electrical estimation generation project to Chemionix, helped our client for completing the project in most cost effective way and at the same time our client design engineers were able to work on other projects hence helping to take care of their peak workforce load without any additional recruitment.

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