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Paper to CAD Conversion Services

We offer complete range of Paper to CAD Conversion Services, PDF to DWG conversion, hand sketch to CAD conversion, image to CAD conversion Services with exact precision at very competitive rates. We convert all type of drawings Mechanical, Electrical, Architectural, Structural, HVAC, Maps, Plumbing, GIS etc using latest and legal software like AutoCAD, Revit, MicroStation, ArchiCAD, SolidWorks, Inventor, CREO, etc.

All we require is simple scanned image and we deliver accurate dimension cad drawing & designs at our end. We have state of art technology and infrastructure to be key reason for our success in this sector of service. Our technology expertise in this area have lead us to provide highest quality of paper to cad conversion at very competitive rates.

Our Method for Paper to CAD Conversion Services:

  • Maintain the actual dimension of the drawing
  • Layer specification as per client
  • Appropriate scale size as per client. Ideally we generated dimensional drawing on 1:1 scale in Model space, and paper space as per scaling required by our client.
  • Maintain International drafting standard or Clients custom Cadding standards are used for generating new CAD drawings.
  • Template design as per client.
  • Cad files are plotted and checked before sending it to our client for approval.
  • Our double checking process ensure all the CAD drawings converted are checked by engineering team for delivering right quality CAD design & drawings. Please view our CAD Conversion process to know about our checking & quality assurance.
  • pdf to dwg conversion
  • Paper to CAD Conversion services

Chemionix also offer conversion services for 2D CAD design in paper format directly to 3D CAD Models. Our CAD Conversion Services are very helpful in architectural industry, where 3D Architectural CAD models are generated directly from old paper drawing.

There are numerous advantage for Converting Paper drawings to CAD format:

  • Helps to store drawings in more organized manner.
  • Eliminates misplaced drawings.
  • Reproducibility and modification of drawings are easier.
  • Easier to flow information via email.
  • Immediate availability of required information.

Depending on type of project our CAD conversion charges are on fixed price basis for conversion of fixed set of paper drawings. We also offer our pricing based on sheet sizes (A4, A3, A2, A1 & A0) as per our clients requirement.

Contact Us for your Paper to CAD Conversion project and we assure you of quality CAD drawing generation at a very competitive pricing.