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Electrical CAD Design & Drafting


We completed the project for Lighting Layout design for our client in Spain. Chemionix is a premier Electrical CAD Design & Drafting Company having good experience working on similar outsourcing projects. The project requirement was for complete electrical design for a Industrial building to be constructed in European region. Challenges were understanding the local codes and standard for this particular region and also Electrical design & drafting as per the stringent standard as per our clients requirement.

Chemionix Approach & Deliveries:

Chemionix electrical engineering team had kickoff meeting for understanding the local and standard to be followed for this project and electrical CAD designer team were involved in understanding the drafting standard to be followed on this project. Most of the design required were on the L.T side area.

Our team methodology for successfully completing this project along with key design deliverables are mentioned below:

  • Standard client template was provided to us along symbols and legands to be followed.
  • Layering system along with fonts sizes & color, various attributes, dimensional settings were followed as per our clients CAD standards.
  • Single line diagram were prepared along with voltage drop calculations for desired cable sizes and schedules.
  • Dialux calculations for lighting fixtures generated along with lighting layout & Looping diagram preparation.
  • Cable tray routings, along with sectional views, cable tagging and support details drawings generated.
  • Bill of material generated for entire project.

Electrical design & drawings were submitted on regular basis, discussed and suggested changes were implemented by our team, and the project was successfully completed in less than 8week as per desired timeframe.

Benefit to our Client:

High quality Electrical Engineering Design & CAD drawings were generated by our team helped our client completing this project at very competitive pricing.