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Point Cloud Conversion Services

We provide 3D CAD modeling services from cloud point data to clients for the architectural, engineering, & construction industries. Our team receives the scan point cloud data in various formats like ptx, pcg, xyx, fls files. Our experienced Engineering & CAD designer team study these point cloud file and generate accurate 3D CAD model from the scan files.

Chemionix has been providing accurate point cloud conversion services from laser scan file for many years now. Our CAD technicians have completed numerous as-built modeling projects. We have sufficient resources and experience to ensure your laser-scanned data is modeled quickly and in cost effective way.

Our team can translate as-built data captured into millimeter-accurate 3D CAD models using software such a,, AutoCAD, Revit, MicroStation & Cloudworx softwares. Cloud point data collected from laser scanning can be converted to produce an accurate 3D as-built CAD model, intelligent or non-intelligent, as required for individual projects.

  • Point Cloud Conversion Services
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Point cloud processing are available at two different levels
  • Conversion to 3D model for marketing visualization, producing documentation and training materials.
  • Conversion to 3D model on the design level (reverse engineering). At this level, special technical investigations are carried out together with licensed industry engineers. It is possible to seamlessly reverse-engineer point-cloud data into existing CAD software (Autocad, Revit for example) with expert know-how and handle mission-critical engineering assignments in record times.

Workflow for Point Cloud Conversion Services:
  • Data is captured using Laser scanner. Multiple scans are taken from various angle to ensure entire site is covered and target are used to join the individual lines
  • Our team received this point cloud file & start working on generating the 3D model using AutoCAD Or Revit software.
  • Accurate models are built using the Revit Files Or AutoCAD Files by our team.

Point cloud modeling services are a high demand for these days because it eliminates huge man-hours for taking actual measurement on site for generating of as-built drawings. Laser scanners are used for capture real data’s on site (including trueviews for realistic views) in hours as compared to conversional method which may takes months.

However, the scan files generated are in point format and cannot be used for any practical application. We have been providing Conversion of point cloud file to .dwg or .rvt format as per our client’s requirement. The 3D CAD Model file generated is including topography, buildings, structural, piping, equipments, packages etc.. exactly as per the scan file received.