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Fire Fighting Piping Design


We receive the inquiry for a company based in K.S.A for generating fire fighting piping design for one of their project. The total project was for designing of Fire fighting & wet Sprinkler piping design for total of 13 Nos of various building. The task was critical as the design needs to be as per NFPA standards. Fire fighting design as per right code, along with piping designs & Isometric drawings along with Bill of material was the total project specification required to be successfully completed by Chemionix team.

Chemionix Approach & Deliveries:

Chemionix Mechanical & Piping design team first studied the site layout drawing for entire project along with various architectural drawings. As communication is most important aspect project manager were dedicated from each end for day to day correspondence and deliveries overview.

Individual architectural building were designed for fire sprinkler system as per NFPA standard, with zone classifications. Right pipe size calculations and sprinkler sizing were done by our team.

MEP Revit software was utilized for pipe routing and isometric drawing preparation. Deliveries included piping plan GA drawings, various piping sectional drawings, piping isometric drawings etc.. Total project design was completed in 6 weeks time.

Benefit to our Client:

Outsourcing fire fighting system Design for this project helped our client in huge saving for their project design. Revit MEP Design software was selected thus providing detail shopfloor drawings along with 3D Model for entire project.

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