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Mechanical Designs – Auto Industry


We receive the inquiry for a company based in India for generating various Mechanical CAD Design for Automobile plant. The shop drawings were to be created for assembly lines for Utility design for supporting the assembly line manufacturing. Project required a Mechanical Design Consultancy Company for generating various Engineering Design and also for assistance in commissioning process.

Chemionix Approach & Deliveries:

Chemionix Mechanical engineers had good kickoff meeting with our client understanding the design aspect required. The assembly line were to be supported with package equipments & to be provided with various utilities for smooth operation of the assembly line. The typical utility requirement was for Cooling water, air compressor lines, process water, etc.. Also, few assembly were required to be operated at specific temperature and humidity, hence the room design has to be considering the HVAC system design and maintaining desired temperature and humidity.

Chemionix team successfully completed the mechanical design for various shops for this Auto Industry project. Energy balance were prepared by our team for individual shops, deliveries included various mechanical design. Fire fighting and sprinkler system design were also included as part of our project scope.

Benefit to our Client:

Outsourcing this project helped our client for successfully completing mechanical design for this project as per desired timeframe. Our professional mechanical engineers completed entire project for more than 6 nos of shop design for various assembly lines within 6 months timeframe.

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