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Instrumentation CAD Loop Diagram Drafting


We received this project enquiry for one of our client based in Europe. The task was preparing approx 4000 Nos of Instrument loop diagram drafting as per BS standard for various industrial project. Challenges were preparing the loop diagrams as the desired color code and field instruments correlation with the P&ID's for logics and signals.

Chemionix Approach & Deliveries:

Our engineering team studied the task data available to us in the form of excel sheet & scan standard drawings. Our engineering team studied the correlation between the excel sheet data provided to be used in preparing the loop diagrams like color codes, signals, rack, slot & channels nos etc..

The standard template for generating the loop diagrams were provided to us, with information like color codes, wiring details, JB block diagrams, field element tag no & termination details. All the above data were complied by our engineers and preliminary loop diagrams prepared by our team were submitted for approval.

The submitted loop diagrams were studied by our clients engineers, suggestion were informed to us & thereafter our team successfully generated the entire set of loop diagrams without any errors.

Benefit to our Client:

The total project was for approx 1500 manhours of work was successfully completed in 2 months timeframe. The drawing quality was as per our client's expectation and outsourcing of this project helped our client to save approx $ 30,000 on this project.