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Why should you convert paper to CAD?

Paper to CAD conversion services and CAD drafting services are booming in 2022. But why?

What benefit does converting paper to CAD have and is it even worth it to hire paper to CAD conversion services for it.

With each passing year, the world is becoming paperless. All content available in hardcopies is now being digitized, and people are reducing their use of paper.

This not only contributes to preserving the environment but also makes work more convenient.

When it comes to the construction and engineering industry, pens, papers, stencils, etc are becoming obsolete.

Engineers are progressing to digital methods like Computer Aided Design(CAD) are rising in popularity for innumerable advantages they offer over old-school designing by hand on paper.

But, many people still prefer hand-drawn designs for their projects.

There is nothing wrong with this, but problems arise when there is a need to generate a digital copy of the same. It is not as simple as clicking a picture.

This is where paper to CAD conversion services come into play.

Even if there is no need currently for a digital copy, it is a wise idea to do it anyway as it has many benefits.

1: Safety

Paper is not the best when it comes to safety, unless you put it in an airlocked safe.

With time, the quality of the paper deteriorates and the ink fades away. For example, look at some old books or newspapers.

When converted to CAD, it will have the exact same quality till the end of time.

The margin of human error is huge while handling papers. A simple tear or splash of liquid is enough to destroy the engineer’s days of effort.

Even without any errors, the paper quality does deteriorate with a lot of use.

All of this is solved with CAD.

2: Search and change

The designs of a big building or machinery can be spread across multiple pages.

Searching for something in these is like finding a needle in a haystack. 

But when converted to CAD, you can instantly search for anything you want. There are multiple search tools at your service.

With paper, the size is fixed. Forget about looking at something in more detail. 

With CAD, you can easily zoom in and see every minute detail you want to.

Not only that, but you can modify the document whenever and however you want.

3: Collaboration

Collaboration is very limited with paper. The best you can do is sit with your co-workers and work together on a single paper.

If you had to bring in someone who is far away, it would be next to impossible. You would have to courier the design and wait for a response.

But with CAD, collaboration is on the next level. The software allows you and your co-workers to work together on the same design from any corner of the world.

You can also easily share the design with just a click with any number of people you want. There is also no additional charge for printing papers.

This multiplies productivity as everyone is on the same page and there are very few chances of miscommunication.

4: Improved Client Pitching

Most clients are not comfortable with paper presentations. They also require technical knowledge to understand how the design would look in the real world.

This will lead to dissatisfaction and decreased sales.

CADs come in 3D as well, and there is no doubt about how much people love 3D designs.

They are so much simpler to understand and pleasing to look at.

Clients have a much higher chance of conversion if they are presented with 3D CADs.


CAD is the future of architecture and engineering, and papers are going to be obsolete in the near future.

This is why paper to CAD conversion services and CAD drafting services are booming currently and will continue to rise.

It is advisable to convert all paper designs to CAD to increase productivity and avoid human errors like losing the papers.

Chemionix offers the best paper to CAD conversion services that effortlessly convert any paper document to CAD.

With our next-gen technology and expertise, we offer high-quality paper to cad conversion services at competitive rates.

We also perform a quality check of every document to ensure that every minor detail is correctly converted. 

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