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Bim Modeling: The Best Way to Get a Digital Representation of Your Building.

If you want to construct a building, it starts with an idea. The next process is visualization and pitching the idea. However, this is where there are a lot of hiccups in properly getting what you want on paper. Even if you do so, it can be difficult to share and explain it to others. This can lead to frustration and unnecessary delays in your project. What if I told you that there is a one-shot solution that can make building visualization easier and cut your time in half?

Building Information Modeling (BIM Modeling) is the best way to create a digital representation of your building or building. With BIM modeling, you can create 3D models of your building allowing you to plan the construction process in a much more detailed manner. It is a revolution that is digitally transforming the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) world. The best part is that presenting your concept to others is easier than ever. BIM Modeling makes sharing construction information efficient and hassle-free. All of the design created is stored in an online space known as Common Data Environment (CDE), which is mutually accessible. This enables the entire team to work together in real time on a single design. The chances of errors are highly reduced as everyone is in touch with the project.

Advantages of Using Bim Modeling.

1: Reduced Cost.

With accurate 3D representations of the project, your work is streamlined. This reduces wastage and errors which in turn reduces cost. You spend only on what is required.

2: Saves Time.

As all of the unwanted errors and wastage are removed from the project, your construction becomes more precise. You do not have to waste time on unnecessary things.

3: More Success.

In a technology-driven world, it is not wise to be stuck in the past. Companies with innovative technologies like BIM modeling have higher chances of getting contracts and driving ahead of the competition.

With so many benefits, there is no doubt that BIM modeling is the door to modern architecture.

Advantages of Using Bim Modeling.

1: ArchiCAD

With ArchiCAD, you can create realistic 3D models of your design. It has a CineRender feature that allows you to create photorealistic images. You can adjust the light, texture, shadows, and contrast which adds a layer of realism to your project. Also, the software is user-friendly and highly customizable. 

2: Revit

Through Revit, communication becomes easier than ever. It provides a smooth communication medium that makes sharing project details seamless without any room for misunderstanding or confusion. You will save a lot of time that is usually wasted due to misinterpretations, making the process faster and more efficient.

We at Chemionix specialize in providing BIM Modeling services, BIM drafting services, BIM clash detection services, and BIM design services. Chemionix is the leading BIM design outsourcing company with multiple designs created and clients satisfied across the globe. Whether you have a commercial, residential, or healthcare project, we will create an exact 3D design with our advanced Revit and ArchiCAD software.

Changes or improvements can be made instantly to the project. In the case of traditional 2D drawings, you would have to draw the entire thing again to add a new change. Our BIM modeling services save this unnecessary hard work and waste of time for you. You can make instant edits to your project and share it with your team without any delays.

As you know, safety is the priority in construction. With traditional 2D drawings, it is hard to detect any clashes or collisions that can happen. Once detected while construction, changes have to be made in the design. This adds up to the burden and increases the timeframe of the project. With Chemionix’s clash detection services, you can detect any collisions during the conceptualizing part itself. You can make the necessary changes then and there, making the final design perfect and ready for work. 

Knowing how the project will look from a resident’s perspective is a big advantage when it comes to designing. You are able to refine your model according to the residents’ needs. With our BIM Modeling services, we also provide a virtual reality walkthrough. This will make you feel how it would be like to live inside the building once it has finished. You can easily check for any inconveniences that are present with the current design and make improvements accordingly.


BIM modeling is the future of AEC. With advanced technologies like ArchiCAD and Revit, it has become easier than ever to visualize your concept and turn it into reality in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We at Chemionics would love to provide you with the best BIM Modeling services to kickstart your construction project. Let us work together to get your design ready.