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How Cad Conversion Services Can Help You Plan Large-Scale Buildings Effortlessly.

One of the biggest challenges in constructing large-scale buildings is planning. Having a detailed blueprint is essential to ensure that there are no errors in the construction phase.

But 2D blueprints are very difficult to comprehend, especially when we are talking about large-scale projects.

It is difficult to visualize how the building will look once constructed if you do not have an engineering background.

This is where CAD conversion services can help you transform your paper designs into CAD.

Here are some benefits you will get from hiring CAD conversion services for your large-scale projects.

1: Improved Visualization

There is little debate that paper designs are very bland to look at. When it is transformed into CAD in 2D or 3D, perceiving how it will look in the real world becomes easier.

Even a layman can look at the design and understand it without requiring technical expertise.

Planning with a 2D or 3D model is much easier. With the 3D model, you can check if any of the building parts are colliding with each other. Any mistake in design can be fixed easily.

2: Extensive Collaboration

With 2D and 3D CAD software, multiple people can access and work on the same design.

This means all of your engineers can work together and create the design. You can assign them different parts of the building to develop.

This feature can be the deciding factor when you have to construct large-scale buildings.

It can save a ton of time as all team members can work together in real-time and stay updated with the process.

3: Higher Efficiency

Because all members can work on a CAD in real-time, the possibility of errors is eliminated.

If someone makes an error, it can be fixed quickly. The CAD software automatically detects errors and clashes in your design, making the process much simpler.

The quality of work is improved as brainstorming and designing can be done together.

A lot of time is saved as compared to traditional hand-drawn paper designs.

Why Chemionix?

Chemionix offers the best CAD conversion services in the industry. With highly talented engineers and designers, we offer accurate CAD conversion services for a variety of projects like construction, mechanical, electrical, HVAC, maps, piping, plumbing, etc.

Here are the CAD conversion services we offer.

1: Paper To CAD Conversion Services

If you have any mechanical, electrical, architectural, engineering, structural, etc. designs made on paper, we will convert them to CAD using the best technology; AutoCAD, Revit, Microstation, MicroStation, ArchiCAD, SolidWorks, Inventor, CREO, etc.

All of this is done while maintaining the dimensions of the design.

Once the CAD is ready, it is checked by engineers to ensure it is of the highest quality.

Compared to paper, CAD can be easily stored and shared with others.

Check out our paper to CAD conversion services here.

2: CAD To Revit Conversion Services

Although CAD is an excellent choice for architectural design, Revit is even better and more intelligent. 

With 3D Revit designs, you can see exactly how the building will look in the real world. You can find out about any mistakes beforehand and mitigate them easily. Collaboration becomes more seamless than ever. 

Compared to CAD, Revit has the capacity to handle 10 times the work, making it perfect for large-scale projects. 

This is why our CAD to BIM conversion services are in the highest demand right now with our international clients. 

Check out our CAD to BIM conversion services here.

3: Microstation Conversion Services

We will convert your paper drawings to the MicroStation platform, ensuring accurate conversions without any change in dimensions and maintaining the proper layers.

All drawings go through a thorough quality check by our engineers before delivery.

Check out our MicroStation conversion services here.

4: Solidworks Conversion Services

We can convert your paper drawings, PDFs, and 2D CADs to Solidworks designs.

We have expertise in converting designs across various industries like aerospace, automotive, aeronautical, sheet metal, manufacturing, and many more. So, you can expect nothing but excellence from our side.

Check out our Solidworks conversion services here.

5: PointCloud Scan Conversion Services

We can create millimeter-accurate 3D CAD models from your PointCloud data.

This will help you get a better visualization and documentation of your project.

Check out our PointCloud Scan Conversion Services here.

6: Scan To BIM Conversion Services

Using a 3D laser scanner, we convert 2D designs to accurate 3D BIM models.

We cover all formats from pdf, dwg, PointCloud, etc. using the latest and most advanced technologies like Revit Architecture, Revit MEP, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD Plant 3D, MicroStation, Bentley OpenPlant, SolidWorks, Inventor, etc.

Check out our scan to BIM conversion services here.


Paper drawings and 2D designs are soon going to be outdated. 3D CAD is where the future is headed.

Convert all your paper drawings with Chemionix’s leading CAD conversion services and increase your productivity.