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What Are The Benefits Of BIM Outsourcing Services?

There has been a huge rise in demand for BIM outsourcing services considering the plethora of advantages it offers over traditional 2D or paper drafting. 

There is no doubt that BIM is the future of building design. With its advanced features, creating designs has become easier than ever. 

It is not just a technology; it is a process that nurtures innovation and imagination.

We at Chemionix offer the best BIM outsourcing services in the industry.

Here are the benefits you will get with our BIM outsourcing services.

1: Enriched Visualization

Chemionix offers the best BIM modeling services in 3D. Do we have to explain how 3D is the game-changer wherever it is implemented? 

It adds a whole new dimension to the good old 2D designs. 

You can see how the building will appear in the real world, which is very difficult with 2D designs unless you have the relevant skills.

You can see all the minor details inside the building. You can zoom in and analyze the smallest of rooms to see how they fit together in the bigger picture. 

We also offer high-quality augmented reality and virtual reality animations that allow you to see how your project will look from the inside. You can get a resident’s view before even constructing the building, making your planning more detailed. 

This makes planning better as compared to 2D and allows you to optimize the design in a much more precise and efficient manner.

A 3D model is also easier to pitch to clients who lack the technical background to process 2D designs. 

2: Real-Time Collaboration

Working together on a paper design is a task in itself. The limitations of paper come into play. 

It requires all the engineers to be present in the same room to plan the design. In case, some team member is away, the design had to be transferred to him, causing more delay. 

With Chemionix’s BIM modeling services, all of your teammates can work together on the same design. Due to being in a digital format, the design can be shared with others instantly.

Engineers, architects, and interior designers can do their part at their own pace and do not have to wait for the other person to do their part.  

Every person can be assigned a part of the building they will have to develop, and gradually the entire project can be completed without any unnecessary delays. 

3: Reduced Unnecessary Expenses

With 2D designs, it is hard to predict what the building will look like in the real world. 

This leads to many last-minute changes and the wastage of materials. 

With Chemionix’s BIM drafting services, you can be highly precise with your designs.

You can invest in only that much raw material that is required for construction. With precise planning, the situation of having to rework rarely arises, thus reducing unnecessary expenses.

With our BIM outsourcing services, you do not have to invest in an in-house team. You can hire us whenever required. This reduces the cost of maintaining an in-house team, which you have to pay even when there is no project at hand. 

4: Reduced Risks

2D designs are hard to comprehend, and some clashes in the construction are easy to overlook.

With Chemionix’s BIM drafting services, our software can instantly detect any clashes in your design, highlight them for you, and allow you to instantly fix them. 

As construction becomes more precise, the chances of any worker suffering injuries also decrease to a great extent. 

As many people can work together on a team, it allows for better brainstorming on the project. Any mistakes can be easily noticed and fixed then and there, improving the overall work quality. 

5: Increased Quality Of Work

At Chemionix, BIM modeling is what we do. You can be assured of quality output with our highly skilled team of engineers and years of expertise in BIM modeling. 

You do not have to worry about anything as you will have our support throughout the process. 

You can divert all your focus to other construction work as you have a reliable partner by your side. 

Contact us now for your BIM modeling project.