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Designing a House with Revit 3D Modeling

Construction of buildings today has become a task of intelligence. To support it, there have been innovative solutions such as the Revit 3D modeling software that is known to offer an accurate designing schedule and also close cost estimation for the construction of the building. Along with this, getting a database of intelligent objects is another reason for its usage in construction, engineering, and architectural work.

Revit, through its different versions featuring elements of structure, architecture and MEP has brought a huge opportunity in the 3D modeling system for the BIM service providers.

The highlight of the software is that it brings together professionals of different tasks such as BIM modelers, contractors, fabricators, and others to work in a coordinated way to come up with an accurate result.

To understand this 3d modeling software better, it will be important to know about its phases.

Creating Designs:

The initial yet advanced features of 3D Revit modeling services such as conceptual cost estimating, drawing coordination, and integrated building materials are used to generate 3D models.

Evaluation of Design:

The professionals of the BIM modeling services now checks the design closely to correct the errors, if any. This leads to the final design.

Design Development:

In this phase, the schematic designs are generated for MEP members and structural members. Revit offers the feature of integrating designs of MEP and structural members and can come up with beautifully coordinated designs. The software also helps in detecting clashes and solving them.

Stress Analysis:

This is the phase where analysis is done about the design’s strength. Both load analysis, as well as stress analysis, is done to check out the strength of the design so that the final home design 3D can be attained.

Final Design:

After going through all the above phases, the final design is ready to be sent to the builders, contractors, and others. The professionals start the construction process based on these final designs.

Construction of buildings can be a tiresome job and hence Revit can be a great help in easing out the process of creating 3D house design, based on which the final construction can start. The software helps in constructing the house in a cost-effective and in a perfect way.