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Designing a Sustainable Building: CAD Design & Drafting

Global warming is not something new to talk about. It has been noticed and remarked by scientists that there is just a decade left from now to save the environment and the changes need to be done from now. The changes need to be done in all spheres of life, from automotive to water pollution, and even construction of buildings. The increasing number of houses is bound to happen due to an increasing population. But having a house constructed that can be a helping hand towards saving the environment is always possible and Cad design services are one such option for it.

Recently Cad professionals have come up with a number of ways that can help in getting sustainable buildings for a living.

  • Source of Energy

It used to happen in the ancient day when the Sun was the only source of energy. Now, electricity has become the prime source without which life comes to a pause. As per a survey, if a building is consuming about 68% of the energy source that is electricity; it is releasing about 38% of greenhouse gas. Cad professionals make use of options such as solar panels to make the gadgets at home to work. Also, following the basic rules such as switching off the electric options like lights, when not in use, and using lesser decorative lights can help in creating a perfect green building. Growing plants near the house and installing a water body are some more other ideas to even support the lives of birds and other smaller creatures of the environment.

  • Building Materials

Just using lesser electricity and getting greenery around the house is not the only solution. The use of different building materials such as cement is also responsible for spread pollution in the environment that leads to global warming. Using options such as Ferrock that is an alternative to cement can be one such step as it spreads lesser pollution in comparison to the cement while working in the same way. Similarly, the use of recycled steel and designing interiors with items such as cork and bamboo can be equally useful in creating sustainable building options.

  • Green Roof

One of the trends that have started in some corners of the world today is that of the green roof where the roof is decorated well with living plants. Such a roof is perfect for decreasing the carbon footprint and also maintaining the temperature inside the house. Outsourcing Cad services can actually help in creating such green and living roof, walls, and other spaces that not only helps in making the house sustainable but also beautiful.

  • Design Orientation

Construction of the building in the right direction is very much important for proper orientation. You can keep the living room or the kitchen in a direction that does not has much of the sun so that these places are a bit cold and you can save a bit on the AC. There are many such things that can be planned and designed for which the architecture experts and the 3d architecture software can be highly useful.

Environmental architecture is highly in trend now as it offers benefits to the environment and also the people residing in the house. By hiring the right Cad designers and having the right planning done can actually get you across a sustainable house that is quite efficient.