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Some Important Facts Related to Mechanical 2D Drafting

Outsource 2D CAD drafting services are increasing nowadays. The demand for this type of service is increasing because of the growing mechanical and architectural business. CAD which is also known as computer-aided drafting is used very widely for the drafting process. This is an example of new technology for drafting and improving any sort of design and plans. CAD can be a very unhandy process if it is done in the same organization because it can cost like a bomb. Instead of creating a department in this drafting process, hiring an outsource company is much more preferable.

Why CAD is better?

Let’s find out some reasons to use CAD services instead of old mechanical drafting services. Some of the common reasons are given below:

  • Learning the art of CAD is easy and it is user-friendly in nature
  • The precision of the calculations related to the measurement is accurate.
  • It is highly reliable
  • Reduction in the cost for designs and increment in the quality
  • The time needed is reduced and drawings in the papers are not required.
  • Modification can be easily done
  • Developing and improvements can be done because of the flexibility etc.

Characteristic of the best drafting services:

The fact that we all know about the market is that a market is always in motion. It helps those to stay only who can adapt themselves according to the situation. There are many companies that provide Mechanical 2D CAD Drafting Services but the challenge is to find the best of all the companies.  Chemionix is one of the best cad outsourcing company in engineering processes. Chemionix e-Solutions PVT Ltd is a company with Indian origin. Their professional team has many experienced engineers, tech geeks, a skilled draftsman for computer-aided drafting.  Together they provide the optimum results with minimum cost. They had done many projects in countries like India, United Kingdom, and the USA.

Various services provided by Chemionix:

Chemionix their services for the management of many projects and services in designing for different types of industries like biofuel, refineries, agrochemical, mechanical, etc. There are various types of mechanical 2D drafting for engineering designs. Some of these are given below:

  • Designs for basic engineering: it includes estimation for capital cost, making reports for feasibility and basic PFD.
  • Detailing the designs for engineering: it includes planting 3D models, balancing the energy, designing of the equipment, PDF, simulations for different process and making intelligent P&ID.
  • Designing for piping: it includes the billing of material, calculation for pipe size, isometric piping, networking for the pipeline, drawing for piping.
  • Designs for instruction: it includes reviews for P&ID, diagrams about loops, using interlocks and logic.
  • Designing for electrical: designing MCC panel, cable routing & sizing, diagrams for wiring, designs, and instrumentation.
  • Designing for civil projects: this includes the estimation of quantity, calculations related to loading and measurements, designing the industrial structure, etc.


Why should we do 2D drafting?

Some of the advantages of using the Outsource Mechanical 2D Drafting Company are given below:

  • It helps in avoiding the expenditure from the capital.
  • They cooperate like the staff of the clients and work in a very efficient manner.
  • Decrease the amount of the cost estimated for the project
  • Uses the latest technology for globalization and growth.
  • Believes in competitions
  • Decrease the overhead cost and reduce capital for the operational purpose also.