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Why Choosing Chemionix’s BIM BAM BOOM is Key to Achieving Sustainability in Building Design

The concept of sustainability in the construction industry has become substantially crucial in today’s day and age. Many architectural companies opt for BIM Modeling Services to achieve sustainable building design. However, all BIM modeling services are not the same. In this blog, we will discuss multiple reasons why choosing Chemionix’s BIM BAM BOOM is key to achieving sustainability in building design.

First, let us understand what BIM BAM BOOM stands for:

BIM: Building Information Modeling

BAM: Building Assembly Modeling

BOOM: Building Owner-Operator Model

BIM BAM BOOM is a technique of operation that creates a bridge between involved stakeholders to keep them all on the same page.

Energy Analysis Capabilities

Knowing how much energy and resources would be required for the construction of a building beforehand is quite advantageous. Resource management can be conducted very efficiently, and areas, where energy can be saved, can be identified before starting the project. 
This information can help in choosing more energy-efficient materials and improving insulation. Architects can reduce a building’s carbon footprint and promote sustainability by designing more energy-efficient buildings. BIM Outsourcing Services provide an energy analysis that allows architects to do just that.

Real-Time Collaboration

BIM Drafting Services allow engineers to work together in real time on the software. Engineers can collaborate regardless of their location. This allows for better collaboration and communication. 

There is a cloud storage system, also known as the Common Data Environment, that allows you to store all your data in one place. Any changes made to the project are updated instantly, allowing all team members to stay on the same page.

The project can be shared easily with any stakeholder or client with just a few clicks.

Material Management Capabilities

Material management is a crucial aspect of sustainable building design. With BIM Modeling Services, architects can track and manage the materials used in construction. Any extra material can be avoided, leading to cost savings. 

Material management ensures that the building is created using sustainable materials and reduces waste. Also, the software can analyze areas where recycled materials can be used to promote further sustainability and cost savings.

If there are any collisions between the construction elements, they can be detected beforehand. This prevents material waste and any risk to workers during construction.

Life Cycle Analysis Features

With life cycle analysis, architects can model the entire life cycle of a building, from construction to demolition. They can identify areas where sustainability can be improved. This can include things such as designing for adaptability or reusability. 

Buildings can be designed in such a way that they can be adapted or reused in the future. There are tools to measure and analyze the environmental impact of a building at various stages of its life cycle, from raw material extraction to demolition.

Cost Analysis Capabilities

BIM modeling services provide tools to input data related to the building’s design, materials, and construction process. The software can generate accurate cost estimates based on this information. This can help stakeholders make informed decisions regarding resource allocation and ensure that the project is completed within budget. 

The software takes into account the energy consumption and maintenance costs of the building. This can help analyze the building’s operating costs over its entire lifecycle. Based on this information, architects and engineers can promote sustainable building practices and reduce operating costs over time.

The Way Forward

Chemionix’s BIM BAM BOOM is the industry standard for sustainable building development for the above-mentioned reasons. If you want a reliable BIM Design Outsourcing Company for your project, Chemionix’s team of experienced engineers is available to help you get started. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your project.