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Beyond Blueprints: The Role of CAD Drafting in Shaping Architectural Projects by Chemionix

Computer-Aided Design, or CAD for short, is a revolutionary technology that has been used in many industries for decades. Among these, the architecture industry has been drastically changed with the implementation of CAD. Manual drafting techniques have been replaced with faster and more accurate computerized design tools by CAD Drafting Services.

What Exactly Is CAD Drafting?

CAD allows designers to create 2D and 3D designs using computer software like AutoCAD. The designs are much more precise and detailed while being created in a shorter time compared to traditional hand drawings.
Let us look at the advantages of CAD drafting services in architecture.

1: Increased Accuracy Of Designs

Compared to traditional drawing tools, designers can create much more accurate designs using CAD software. Here, designers get the option to zoom in and out to a greater extent, allowing them to be a lot more precise. When drawing by hand, there is always a chance of error. But with CAD, the chances of error are minimized. It is possible to specify the exact dimensions, angles, and shapes of each component of the design. And if there is any error, it can be instantly rectified with just an undo.
Changes are a piece of cake with CAD drafting services. It is as simple as editing the digital model of the design. This amazing ability to iterate on designs leads to a more accurate final output.

2: Real-Time Collaboration

With traditional methods of drafting, it is quite difficult for designers to work together. The physical copy of the design has to be shared with the designers to work on. The major drawback here is that the changes made are not shared with the rest of the team.
But, with CAD drafting services, all of these issues are resolved. Multiple designers can work together on a single design in real-time. All of the changes made are updated in real-time, allowing everyone to stay on the same page.

3: Faster Production Times

With CAD drafting services, the output is derived much faster than with manual drafting. As there are fewer errors, there is little to no rectification. Also, as multiple experts can collaborate on the design, the production time is reduced substantially.

Sharing the design with stakeholders is as simple as a click of a button. Unnecessary delays are eliminated, leading to even faster development.

Also, CAD software can automate many aspects of the design process, such as creating standard parts or generating parts lists and bills of materials.

4: Electronic Storage and Retrieval

All of the CAD files are stored digitally on the Cloud. Anyone can access them instantly using a computer, no matter where the person is. The design can be instantly shared with the team.

Any changes made are updated in real-time. This means there is no misunderstanding between the members of the project team.

The biggest advantage of CAD is that the files are secure. They do not have to deal with wear and tear like physical files. They remain intact for ages and are safe from physical damage.

5: 3D Visualization

The best part of CAD is the 3D visuals they provide. With 3D CAD Modeling Services, traditional designs can be visualized in 3D, leading to even higher accuracy. It is possible to view the design from various angles. This makes judging how the building will appear after construction a lot easier.

With 3D CAD modeling services, it is possible to create virtual prototypes of designs and test them in a simulated environment. Any potential issues can be easily identified.

When it comes to pitching the idea to stakeholders, having a 3D model makes it a lot easier for them to understand. The potential of 3D CAD is endless.


When you outsource CAD drafting to a reputed Architectural CAD drafting company like Chemionix, you get all of the above-mentioned benefits. The final output is a lot better in terms of accuracy and flexibility while taking less time and effort to create.

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