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The Importance of MEP Drafting

Outsourcing has become a regular term for all the people who are involved in company matters. With outsourcing becoming a trend and a necessity these days, many outsourcing companies are on the rise. With outsourcing becoming a familiar thing for almost years, but the trend of business processes outsourcing has been started recently. Chemionix e-solutions private limited is one of the established outsourcing companies outsourcing business and engineering services and designs. Basically Chemionix firm focuses upon outsourcing in the field of engineering and drafting services and providing the desired solutions.

Companies that Outsource MEP drafting services are of economic importance as these services from such companies help in reducing effort and getting the desired results. Some of the drafting services that are outsourced are the heating and the cooling equipment selection and the calculations of the heat gain or the heat loss along with the schematic design of the heating and the cooling system. The other services are the plant room layout design and the fire protection system design along with the shop drawings. The other outsourced services in the electrical zone of the companies are the electrical site plans and the one-line diagrams with the panel schedules and the distribution schedules along with the wiring diagrams and the ladder logic diagrams. Structural foundation, framing, and the roofing plans and the architectural floor plans and the elevations and details are also the services that are outsourced by the outsourcing companies. The services that are outsourced in the plumbing and the drainage zones are the designing and the drafting services for the domestic and commercial water plumbing setups and establishing plumbing load-load analysis. The other services in this department include the system Riser diagrams Isometrics, plan drawings, and coordination and specifications of the shop drawings are the services outsourced. the layout of the above and below-grade piping as well as locating and coordinating pipe sleeve requirements are the services outsourced.

The MEP drafting services that are offered and provided by the architectural companies include the schematic MEP drawings, tender MEP drawings, construction MEP drawings, and Contract MEP drawings. Installation drawings, builders’ works MEP drawings, manufacturing MEP drawings are the drafting services that are provided by the companies. Pre-fabrication MEP drawings, as well as Module MEP drawings, are the other MEP drafting services that are offered by the companies.

Chemionix is an MEP drafting outsourcing company with the drafting services being absolute of high class as well as the services provided are of the lesser cost than the other companies. Some of the HVAC design and the drafting services of the company include the designing and the drafting services for HVAC system plan drawings and the layout design as well as the development and the construction plan drawings, HVAC load calculation and the layout design and the pipe sizing are some of the HVAC design services. HVAC consultation and the three dimensional HVAC model are the new services that are offered.