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HVAC Design Work by Chemionix at Cheaper Rates

29 October, 2014, Mumbai: Chemionix, an outsourcing and engineering design based company based is Mumbai, India is offering HVAC design services at cheaper rates compared to other market players. HVAC expands to heating, ventilation and air conditioning and refers to such type of systems. The company is a major provider of services the Indian market and has also serving clients abroad.

The firm is a major HVAC design service provider. It employs a wide scale of engineers from different streams. These engineers have a good amount of expertise in their respective subjects and are immensely talented. Coupled with dedication and good work ethic, they provide effective designing solutions to all major types of projects. All of the designs are created especially by keeping in accordance with the needs and specifications provided by the clients.

HVAC drafting services generally deal with proper design for systems to control room temperature and keep all room occupants comfortable. It involves proper regulation of air flow in a specific room or hall.

The company handles all HVAC services in certain well defined steps. Firstly the HVAC system construction drawings are prepared. Design and drafting services is provided to them. The overall layout design of the project is prepared. Design and development of construction plan drawings are also prepared. HVAC load calculations are made. These load calculation deal with cooling and heating systems. The size for piping systems and its layout and plan is made. Equipments required as per the project needs are prepared and also their schedules. Designing of air conditioning systems are done. A detailed design is made after these steps. Consulting work is done with the client and senior engineers of the company. 3D ducting model and design plan drawings are then chalked up. Equipment piping sizing are made. Finally HVAC models are prepared using the help of all available tools and also with implementation of latest technological developments.

Chemionix is a high quality precision service provider in HVAC systems, their design, workshop drawings, design and layout preparation and CAD (computer aided design) services. All of their services are available at very competitive market rates. This makes it an added advantage for clients as it is possible to get high quality work done at nominal prices. Engineers at the company can efficiently deal with almost all kinds of projects that are thrown at them. The company has been providing HVAC services to owners, major contractors and architects for all types of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The highly qualified team of engineers working at Chemionix ensures that a specific design and drawing is made as per the requirements stated by the clients. All of the work developed is of very high caliber.

The company which seems to be doing well in both Indian and in markets abroad has been in the field for almost ten decades. For them it is about further strengthening their position in the markets and ensuring better quality HVAC engineering services.

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