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Solidworks Definition and Overview

One of the leading engineering processes outsourcing company is Chemionix e-Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Chemionix has a strong team of well trained and certified professionals who excel in applications such as CAD drafting, 3D modeling, and SolidWorks drafting services.

Solidworks Conversion at Chemionix

The team here at Chemionix e-Solutions Pvt Ltd is highly competent and skillful in mechanical designs for aerospace, automobile, piping design, equipment design, and general Mechanical industry. Chemionix offers you a unique range of SolidWorks design services that include the use of a parametric, feature-based approach in order to build a 3D model. The unique Solidworks services offered here allows you to access various file formats such as slddwg, sldasm, slddrw, easm, eprt, prt, sldasm, etc

How they work

At the very first they begin by making a 2D or 3D sketch of the model. The sketch contains geometrical items such as conics, lines, arcs. Then in order to bring out the size and location of the geometry, dimensions are added. The nature of the Solidworks design should be that the relations and the dimensions should drive the geometry and not the other way round.

People here at Chemionix e-Solutions Pvt. Ltd also specializes in tasks such as outsource Solidworks design and modeling. The other unique tasks they do are manufacturing and producing drawings, bills of materials, parts list, and transformation of paper sketches into precision, assembly drawings and mechanical CAD. Chemionix offers drawings and SolidWorks design to every sector and industries including aerospace, automobile, sheet metal, aeronautical, and many more.

At Chemionix you are also provided with high-quality feature trees and design tables that will help you in easy navigation, accurate part, and assembly modeling, and revising. And to add to that drawings are supplied to your standards and specifications. Quality, standard and definition are never compromised with.

Advantages of choosing Chemionix e-Solutions Pvt. Ltd

What is even more unique here is that they can translate your current product file into Solidworks format or vice versa. This helps you to become more productive and profitable. A customer can forward anything from full production 2D drawings, 3D drawing files, scanned paper or even hand made sketches. Customers are assured delivery on time with 100 % job satisfaction.

People at Chemionix make sure that you avoid a hefty capital cost and reduce your project costs. And to add to that you can enjoy lower overhead and operational expenses. Stay competitive as your growth and globalization are taken care of by the use of the latest available technologies available. You are often given what you are promised.

Chemionix is one such company which believes in making a healthy, happy and a successful relationship with their customers. The standard and quality of the work are never compromised. They believe their work is dedicated to the prosperity of their customers. Professional, reliable and cost-efficient range of engineering and drafting services with such precision and satisfaction is only available at Chemionix. So if you are thinking Solidworks design, modeling or Solidworks drafting services, then be wise and make the right decision. Choose Chemionix.

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