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3D Modelling over 2D Models – Why Revit Conversion is Better ?

Now a day people prefer to use 3D modeling to the 2D modeling because it gives a better representation. All the major CAD designing companies have felt this and hence have started providing 3D CAD services to their customers and the Chemionix e-solutions Private Limited is no exception to this. For the last couple of years, they have incorporated the latest 3D modeling software like the Revit, Catia and Solid works. If you have a 2D CAD drawing then it can easily be converted to 3D using software like the Micro station, Solid edge of the AutoCAD. To convert the 2D structure to 3D, you will need trained professionals who can handle 3D software and who understand the whole conversion process. Chemionix has professional employees who can handle these 3D Revit conversion services.

Many companies still use the 2D CAD services, hence it sometimes becomes necessary to convert 2D draftings to 3D and vice versa so that we can realize the final design in the required state. 2D drafting does provide us with a lot of information about a building structure but the structural problems and the remedies can only be found using the 3D drafting mechanism. So Chemionix has been using the 3D modeling to give its clients more accurate results to ensure that their structure will be safe and completely clash proof. The various advantages of using a 3D model over a 2D model; first of all we get better information about our product and we are able to spot and fix the problems instantaneously. If the client does not approve the 3D design then you can quickly make the amendments and create a new one thus reducing the design cycle. Also, you will be saving a lot of money because your design will not fail. So you see that using 3D modeling is not just about increasing the drawing productivity, it provides us with more realistic details about the structure and there is less chance of creating errors. These are very good reasons for companies to use the 2D to 3D Revit conversion services. For converting 2D to 3D model, you will have the scan the 2D blueprint and then you can use the AutoCAD to create the 3D version of the blueprint.

Chemionix provides various kinds of 3D related drafting services and a few of them are the Architectural 3D modeling, 3D mechanical modeling, structural 3D modeling, 3D architectural rendering, prototype modeling, BIM modeling, AutoCAD MEP modeling, etc. By designing a 3D model you will be able to clarify all your doubts about your structure’s integrity and cost. You will be able to take a look at your structure from different angles and spot any shortcomings. Using 2D to 3D conversion you can reduce the period between product visualization and product development. So if you want to construct your dream house, your office building or any other structure then avail the 3D Revit outsourcing services of Chemionix as they are the best in this business.

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