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Outsource Architectural Design Services With Chemionix | Providing Expert Drafting Services.


The use of architectural drawing services has been the most trending service used by many these days. Some of these services include design work in terms of the availability of high-level knowledge and the efficient use of space. Small to large businesses outsource fundamental work like mark-up correction, sketching, 3D modeling, etc to agencies. Basic chores expand a specific company’s options while also giving them a chance to focus on primary business as well. Large businesses, on the other hand, are under increasing pressure to gain cost-effectiveness on the initial design architecture while also dealing with high technical complexity and other solutions.

By outsourcing engineering designs, your company will benefit by shortening product life cycles, providing simple access to trained experts, reducing time to market, all of these are minimized overhead. Keeping a proper track with customer expectations while maintaining quality is difficult to crack. This particularly falls in terms of the increased demand for architectural and engineering services. The use of such engineering services gives full access to businesses to respond to different client demands without investing in more resources. Architectural drafting services come under the same engineering services and the benefits like easy availability of high-level expertise and optimized space usage.

Outsourcing an experienced CAD design and drafting team will help in core competency and even more strategic engineering projects. Let’s understand a few more benefits.

  • Access to expertise
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Compliant with international standards
  • Competitive solutions

Why Outsource Architectural Design Services?

Outsourcing design engineering tasks allow the organization’s in-house teams to focus on more strategic and complex engineering projects.

  • Flexible Engagement Models

An engineering service provider with a proven track record will assure you with flexibility in the engagement models by tailoring them towards your schedule. From time and material, fixed-price, hybrid model, to a completely customized arrangement. They have it all.

  • Skilled Drafting Experts

Gain the flexibility of building your optimum engineering and design team by picking from an extensive collection of technical resources available. Years of experience in generating architecture models with the ability to create and edit isometrics, creating bills of materials.

Who Can Provide You With The Best Services?

Chemionix prides itself on being the most trusted asset partner, assisting our Global clients with challenges and solving every complication with great services and solutions. We provide various technical & drafting services for your project, with the help of an in-house team of skilled Engineers & Draftsman.

Specializing in Architectural Drafting Services but also in CAD Conversion and many other fields such as generating floor plan design, 2D & 3D Architectural Modeling, and others as well. We also provide integrated building services design including MEP design services.

We specialize in Revit & CAD Architectural Design Services for:

  • All kinds of housing, multi-story or row housing, in the residential sector
  • Commercial buildings, including industrial structures
  • Educational buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Hotels, churches, and retail facilities

Our mission is to create value for our customers by providing business services using the latest technology and software. Come be a part of this family!

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