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Chemionix Provides The Best BIM Services And CAD Design.


Our immaculate engineering ideas offer end-to-end solutions to clients across the globe. This in turn has helped draw international reach and scale clients while staying at the forefront at the same time. Best practices, technology, and innovation have always been our key features in delivering nothing less than the best! High quality and reliable engineering services are what we focus on in terms of individual requirements with services for engineering CAD, Mechanical, BIM, and various other services, effectively.

Our team have considerable experience in Engineering outsourcing, business transformation, and consultancy. We are well established in delivering cost-effective solutions for your technical & drafting need
s. Our mission is to create value for our customers by providing business services using the latest technology and software.

CAD Drafting Services

We’re a leading CAD Drafting Services generating drawings & designs for different sectors of industries. Chemionix engineering team understand the client’s technical requirement and deliver technical drawing as per international quality, with work experience in generating more than 50,000 manhours in the year 2019 on 2D CAD drawings only. We also have an amazing amount of expertise in Chemionix team has expertise in 3D CAD modeling with a drafting team for various industrial & residential projects. Chemionix has trained professionals who can handle 3D software and who understand the whole conversion process. So, you know you’re in really experienced and great hands!

BIM Modeling Services

Another level of 3D CAD Drafting integrates communication, program controls, and data facilitating speedy business decisions with updated information and managed assets from a central location. We offer our best assistance in providing the exact BIM Modeling of your building design. Our services are available for Residential, Commercial & HealthCare Projects. We also offer BIM Modeling Services for Industrial Projects and therefore, we cover the most ground in providing Integrated BIM modeling services according to the requirements of our international clients. This is one of the most convenient means of communicating with the proper visual representation. You can check our website to get some real insights!

Why Choose Us As Your Partner?

We’re a customer-centric Engineering Design & CAD / BIM Drafting Outsourcing Company, operating with immense integrity and honesty, globally. We take the confidentiality of information with utmost sincerity by leveraging our forces only for the best. We believe our work culture pushes us to perpetually go higher than and on the far side of clients’ expectations. We work on the Why’s organize and document all the teachings learnt.

We Have An Experienced Team of Professionals

We possess a full-time operating Access Control System that duly monitors the entire production unit with increased clarity in design intent, easy testing of design options, and understandable distribution of design documentation, we acquire and make an enhanced quality of as-built and handling-over information and easier integration into CAFM systems for maintenance and post-occupancy assessments.

We convert your project ideas into exceptional designs into an intelligent model. We’d be more than happy to work and build something immaculate for you. Contact Chemionix for outsourcing your Engineering Design & CAD drafting services & save up to 50% on your project cost. We will provide the Engineering & CAD/BIM Design services which meet your highest quality international standard.

Our mission is to create value for our customers by providing business services using the latest technology and software. Come be a part of this family!

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