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Latest information on Trending CAD Design and Drafting Work on Complex 2D & 3D Models

CAD or CADD (Computer-Aided Design and Drafting) is the use of technology for designing 2D or 3D graphics models to increase the design quality, work productivity with proper documentation.

These program models help to explore the ideas, visualize the design concepts and simulate how the design will perform in the real world. Chemionix has its own expert team that can help the clients in incorporating the best CAD model for their project.

2D/3D Models

For photorealistic renderings, these 2D CAD models can be designed as 3D parametric modeling to get the actual look and feel of the object. Each CAD software has distinctive features that can be used based on the required specifications. If your designing involves 2D vector-based graphics or 3D cad modeling of solid surfaces, the features of the chosen software can be used. Most of the 3D CAD software lets you rotate the object in 3 dimensions, apply multiple light sources and provide design from any angle.

Our team provides assistance with tailor-made CAD solutions by using the best software like AutoCAD, Revit BIM design, Solidworks, Inventor, 3D Max software, etc. We also help the customers choose the right models for their dream project.

Design Process Stages

Our expert team helps the customer to understand the need defined by the market, dig into the ideas and research for the available solutions.


Based on the study, the team drafts a high-level concept and creates a model design in 2D and 3D modeling in CAD.


These models are then assembled into a machine or mechanism and the analysis of 3D model is done to check the robustness and performance.


Once the simulation, optimization, and preparation phase is done, the generated NC (Numeric Code) content is then executed by the manufacturing units to build the real-time object.