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Important Steps Of the Engineering Design Process Planning

The engineering design process is an iterative decision-making process, which has a series of methodical steps to create functional products based on the requirement specification. Chemionix follows the below-mentioned steps for efficient engineering design:

Define the problem

What is the problem? Who is causing the problem? Why would the problem arise? Our team asks the right questions, finds the answers, and documents them.

Do background research

We ensure to learn from our prior experiences to negate errors. We start by doing background research to find out existing solutions to similar problems and avoid mistakes.

Specify requirements

Our experts analyze the environment with similar existing scenarios and help to identify the design requirements.

Brainstorm solutions

We don’t always stick to one solution but explore ways to find alternate solutions. Sometimes trying to find more than one solution helps to choose the easiest one.

Choose the best solutions

Once we find more than one solution to the problem, it is documented in the decision matrix worksheet to analyze the best possible solution, which meets the customer’s design requirement to implement the same.

Develop the solution

Improvising and refining is the best way to develop the solution, and this often turns out to be an iterative approach. Our engineering design team ensures the developments are documented in the storyboard for an accurate solution.

Build a prototype

Our design team builds the prototype while developing the final solution; as it helps the designer to test how the solution will work.

Test and redesign

As the project phase develops, the team keeps testing the solution, finding new problems, making the changes, implementing them, and again testing the new solution. This is an iterative phase, and the design process keeps getting redesigned.

Chemionix Cad Outsourcing Company believes in proper documentation of our solutions that are significant for implementing them and manufacturing the end product.

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