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How 5D BIM fuels the growth of Construction Industry

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has now become a popular word in the construction industry. BIM modeling has already seen 3D and 4D models. Taking technology one step further 5D has made entry into the Revit bim modeling services industry. But what is it? And how is it going to benefit the construction industry?

What is 5D BIM? Just like 3D and 4D, 5D is the five-dimensional method that makes visible the physical and functional aspects of construction designs. What’s more, is that it has the ability to show near accurate cost prediction and BOMs that supersede the 3D BIM modeling. 5D BIM enables integrated participation of more workforce rather than working in an isolated environment, where one has to wait for the information to be passed on at given times.

How can 5D BIM accelerate the growth of the construction industry?

5D BIM models are capable of making automatic updates to the BOM charts as soon as any changes are tracked in the BIM model. They have a very positive impact on the decision-making process as the impact of costs on the company’s budget is updated from time-to-time. The following are the ways in which 5D BIM can accelerate growth:

  1. The most important feature that makes 5D BIM stand out from 3D and 4D is the “cost estimation”. Since 5D BIM is capable of accurately estimating the project cost, it altogether eliminates the ever-going discussions regarding the cost of the project going up and down through the entire project cycle. This saves, ample time and at the same time can be utilized in focusing on the efficiency and other important aspects.

  2. Digitization in the 5D BIM models rules out the use of paper completely. Thus, resulting in a cleaner site free of paper trails all over. Bim Modeling Also, since all the information is digital it is easier to find them and make appropriate use of them. Also passing information from one to another is much easier. With the help of this BIM Modeling software, we can increase work efficiency and effectively present plans or design in the project.

  3. The most amazing thing about 5D is that it will be making use of cloud technology. This will take the industry to new heights and accelerate the growth by many folds. The use of cloud will improve the accessibility of the project to all those involved and thus improve efficiency.

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