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CAD is more efficient with SOLIDWORKS – Here’s how!

To develop the most amazing products ever seen, Great design is required, and for that Solidworks 2018 is the best. Solidworks is one of the most widely used software for 3D CAD solutions. For today’s composite processes it is an independent product enchantment platform. Most of the CAD design service providers and CAD drafting service provider’s oath by it.

Whether you are an Industrial designer or a Conceptual designer one can analytically grow new ideas using similar designs found in your database very easily using Solidworks.

Some of the features of Solidworks 3D 2018, which makes it even better to use:

Freehand sketching

It is now easy to put your ideas into reality using the Solidworks 2018, as it now provides the option of Freehand sketching and mouse gestures. Using a touchscreen pen, you can now create designs and convert drawings into shapes more easily. The magnified mouse signals and user interface customization makes your work even faster.


No more hassle of customizing your settings every time you change your machine. Yeah! By simply getting the online licensing of Solidworks 2018, you can put all your work on the cloud, plus you can use your license on multiple machines.

Enhanced design communication

Design communication has been enhanced with the help of e-drawing, this feature of design communication allows for a streamlined workflow. It also has an option for setting passwords making it more secure.

Assembly performance

A large assembly performance evaluation tool is there. Designers can temporarily hide faces when mating by using the ALT key for faster assembly components.

Solidworks Composer

It is easy to use and works directly with popular software packages. It helps reduce production time and cost for assembly instructions, operating guides, and manuals. The instructions are presented optically with very little text thus saving money on translation and technical training.

CAD designers use SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to trace progress, control design categories and simply direct data to their whole team thereby reducing time and cost.