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Benefits of 3D CAD Modeling in the Mechanical Engineering Design

Most engineers always find it difficult to create precise mechanical drawings utilizing conventional drafting techniques. Detailed drawings prepared using conventional techniques take a lot of valuable time. Even after spending a lot of time and energy, many organizations often realize the design flaws during the manufacturing stage which forces them to redesign the product or modify the drawings.

In such situations, 3D CAD modeling is the best tool to eliminate problems related to drafting. Apart from reducing the required time to draft complex components, it also eliminates design errors, especially in complex mechanical engineering designs. Apart from simplifying the design process, it also empowers various teams to better visualize the product.

For the benefit of all the Designers, we are listing some of the most important benefits of 3D CAD Modelling in the Mechanical Engineering Design for you:

Better design quality:

3D CAD software has approx. 700,000 inbuilt templates of various mechanical components like Fusion 360TM, the first 3D CAD, CAM, and CAE tool. Designers of the software can use said templates that are accurate and can reduce the overall design time.

Makes the documentation process easy:

One of the most tedious aspects of mechanical design is the documentation process. In traditional drafting, various aspects of design and its components need to be documented manually. This is not only tedious but also involves a great level of attention for error-free documentation. The 3D Cad modeling comes pre-loaded with various documentation options like Material Specifications, Bill of Quantities, Geometries, Product Dimensions, etc.

Enhances the designer’s productivity:

At all the stages of the design, the Designer can visualize the mechanical component using 3D Cad modeling enabling the designer to make the required changes instantly thereby reducing the overall design time. It also provides visual images of the component in 3D. Components can also be animated showing their functionality. With the use of visual graphics, the component can also be showcased to the client for their feedback.

Automatically draws hidden parts of the design:

Many times, designers find it difficult to draw the hidden parts of the product/ components using traditional drawing techniques. With the 3D CAD, the lines and dashes of the hidden parts are automatically drawn from the other components of the design. In case, there are any design changes the 3D CAD automatically redraws the lines thereby increasing the productivity.

Compliant with International standards:

Mechanical Engineering designs prepared in 3D CAD ensures the designs follow international standards like ANSI, BSI, CSN, DIN. Even standards like ISO, GB, and GOST can be adhered to while designing in 3D Cad. Compliance with industry standards results in inaccurate design.

Saving data and drawings for the future:

The design models created on 3D CAD can be saved for future reference in design. During the design process, few standard components can directly be taken from design components prepared in the past using 3D Cad, thus saving a lot of time in the design process.

3D CAD Modeling is the answer to all your doubts on how your concepts would look like. It is, in fact, a 3D simulation showing realistic views of your concept from different angles. If you would like to outsource your 3D CAD Modeling project please contact Chemionix Solutions, one of the leading cad design services company in India and the USA.