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Which is the Best and Cost-effective BIM Outsourcing Company

The future of computers gave rise to a major change in everything evolving. There were no designs for the building because they were all computed. This made the whole process super easy for architects, as they could easily test hundreds of options for every component of a building before the whole commuting process. Programs that most architects use today make a single digital building model which is utilized for construction materials, electrical installations, and other floorings.

The creation of the Building Information Model requires expertise, ingenuity, and precise attention to detail. The substantial experience Chemionix holds in terms of BIM Outsourcing has many combined years of experience on Revit and Bentley. We can transform your drawings, plans, blueprints and PDF files into a true BIM model with rich details, clean layers and references.

Chemionix BIM Outsourcing will ultimately save your time and money, now and in the future, by allowing you to avoid costly design errors while creating improved productivity throughout the building process. Various systems are kept on separate families to further facilitate ease of planning and troubleshooting. Engineers, general contractors and developers rely on us to create a precise Revit and Bentley 3D model for their projects. Down the line, the return on the investment you’ve made in a BIM model cannot be overstated; it will allow you to quickly make informed decisions, give you a clear overall vision of your project, and reduce waste and inefficiency.

Benefits of Outsourcing BIM Services From Chemionix

  • More efficient design and construction process

BIM models are very comprehensive and clear, so there is little chance of conflicts, confusion and rework. The efficiency during the design and construction stages goes up by nearly 55% as a result.

  • Better overall performance of the structure

BIM has the potential to improve the overall performance of the completed infrastructure by nearly 35%; helping you have an efficiently working structure with greater energy proficiency and less wastage.

  • Risk Management

The use of BIM modeling will help in identifying potential risks and issues and ensure you with a reminder for future planning. Get the right ability to respond quickly, improving efficiency while reducing downtime and saving all your money in the entire process.

  • Increased Productivity

Outsourcing BIM gives you access to high-quality services by vetted teams of specialists who are best at what they do. This allows you to focus on core competencies. Outsourcing allows you the opportunity, often at lower costs, to choose from a vetted global talent pool and compensate for any lack of sufficient BIM professionals in your local area.

  • Decreased Cost & Improved Safety

The use of digital construction safely lowers the chances of reworks, providing planning for great outcomes whilst keeping the project on time and budget. With the help of this detailed planning and collaborative communication, you won’t be encountered with high pricing.

  • Quality Assurance

Your organization will understand the use of different processes and controls. Right from the planning to the construction phase and into the operational life cycle of building the assets, you’ll know just the right planning. Get all the right tools and ways to maintain operations ensuring your customers receive a great level of service they expect from your brand.

Other than the above benefits, we also provide you with the following

  • Our efficient BIM Modeling has made it a lot easier to improve the process of client communication and speed up the process of client approvals.
  • It is also a better means of collaboration between the design team and to help increase the efficiency of the architects involved.
  • Not only that it should also be kept in mind that BIM Modeling can trigger automatic updates with design modification and can also automatically detect needs for revisions
  • Apart from all these, it is evident that this process helps in the reduction of the time consumption in drawing and the requirements of future revisions.
  • It is also a lot easier to get approvals much faster by reducing the time consumed during the process of review and approval.
  • Offers Clash Detection for integrated projects which is extremely helpful for avoiding any mistakes during the construction phase
  • From the BIM model, we can generate a Bill of Quantity for the entire project as part of the Design package.
  • Developing Augmented Reality and Animation from the BIM model.

Chemionix services are available for Residential, Commercial & HealthCare Projects. We also offer BIM Modeling Services for Industrial Projects and therefore, we cover the most ground in providing Integrated BIM modeling services according to the requirements of our international clients..

We dedicate our efforts to providing the most satisfactory results for our clients. We are also always ready to provide our best assistance in the best efforts of making any kind of changes or edits necessary.

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