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What is the difference between 3D CAD modeling and BIM?

One of the most important parts of every industry is computers. Plus, it is only within the design industries that computers have become truly groundbreaking. From filmmakers to architects to designers to video game developers, designing in 3D on computers has changed the methods in which the professionals in the design industry work. The landscape of 3D design software is very humongous and it often overlaps, so it can be tedious to know whether you need BIM software, 3D modeling software or CAD software, or 3d CAD modeling services.  If a comparison is made between the three then maybe it will give you a better idea of the subject. 

3D Modelling Software

It is one of the most general categories of 3D designs. There will be some methods of 3D modeling that the 3D design software will have. But the 3D modeling software is mainly used to develop 3D assets for animation. One of the things that you should know is that the most basic 3D modeling software will only allow you to develop 3D models and most of the programs will include tools for texture, animation, and rendering or painting.

Another thing you will know is that 3D modeling groups like 3Ds Max Design, Cinema 4D, and Modo will offer a different method for sculpting. Some of the most available methods which are available to the 3D modeling software users are 3D scanning, procedural modeling, digital sculpting, spline modeling, and Polygonal modeling.

BIM Software and Building Design

Building information modeling and building design tools are something that is meant to help in the construction and design of the buildings. This software is mainly used by the contractors, architects, and engineers to visualize the designs and coordinate with the construction of the building end to end.

You should also know that BIM modeling services or the BIM software is the same as CAD and it will fall under the canopy of the CAD technically. But the DIFFERENCE is that the tools are meant for designing a building. Both the 3D and 2D modeling tools are most of the time included in the BIM allowing for developing construction documents and visualizations.

While there is some connection with the 3D modeling programs, one of the things that you will note is that BIM 3D modeling tools are less dynamic and elastic compared to those in the dedicated 3D modeling software. A BIM tool has a library of stairways, windows, doors, and other objects which make the process of building and designing quick and easy. Some of the software you can use for free. You can also look online for CAD to BIM conversion services.

CAD Software

This is one such software that is used by different fields of engineering to design the parts, entire projects, or tools like that bridge. With the inception of 3D printing, CAD software is most of the time used for 3D printing. Commonly, if you see CAD software is also used for designing an object in 3D, develop 2D schematics of that particular object for manufacturing and put some editing in the designs.


For entertainment industries and artistic industries, 3D modeling is mostly used, Whereas BIM is for specially designing buildings and constructions. And, CAD can be used in any industry.