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Expert MEP Engineering Design Solutions by Chemionix

Chemionix e-solutions private limited is a multi disciplinary company that provides engineering services along with drafting services. It Is also an outsourcing company which outsources services such as engineering services, piping services, CAD services , civil, electrical and mechanical services as well. Chemionix basically provides technical and drafting services along with revit design services and CAD modeling. Chemionix also provides project management and design services for many industries like Biofuel, oil and gas as well as the refineries.

MEP Design services refer to the mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services and that is referred to as MEP services. It is basically used in the building up of design fields and certain times this field of engineering services is also called as building services engineering in some countries. The work of the mechanical engineering aspect in this MEP services is the designing and overseeing the heating and ventilation along with air conditioning and the rain gutter systems as well. The plumbing designers have the work of designing specifications for active fire protection systems but for the major complicated projects, other fire protection engineers are employed and they serve the purpose in the MEP engineering. The building or the firm which is being undertaken, the power distribution of the building as well as the telecommunication and lighting protection is looked after by the electrical engineers. They are also responsible for the signalization and the control systems of the building structure. Some of the services include Due diligence and schematic design as well as the construction support and peer reviews. These are some of the services in this category.

Outsource MEP engineering design is one of the activities of the architectural companies. The services that are outsourced are the heating and cooling equipment selection and the loss or gain calculations as well as the heating and cooling schematic designs of the heating and the cooling systems. The duck layout drawings are also outsourced as well as the fabrication drawings. The fire protection system design and the plant room layout design are the other design services that are outsourced by many companies. In the plumbing section the services and the designs that are outsourced include the plumbing cost estimation and the material estimation along with the modeling. Plumbing section and isometric drawings along with the shop drawing designs are also outsourced along with the pipe fabrication drawings and restoration drawings. Waste water collection system design drawings and the water line installation system drawings are also designed for the outsourcing purposes.

Some of MEP engineering services provided by the company are in the mechanical services category are the central plant heating and the cooling systems which includes the boiler design and the chiller design along with the water piping systems and the cooling tower design. Some of the other mechanical services are the office VAV systems and the geothermal systems along with the temperature control and the snow melt systems. The electrical design services include the site photometric analysis and interior and exterior lighting design and the plumbing services include the commercial and the vent systems and the commercial domestic and the hot water systems.