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How Solidworks Conversion is Useful?

Solidworks, along with Autodesk Inventor are the most important CAD software used for drafting. Each company has its own reason why they decide to use Solidworks to meet their design needs or Autodesk to meet their design tools. Since these are the most popular types of design software that is used in the world, there is always a possibility that you will run into files that are designed in a format that is not compatible with Solidworks. That is when you will need Solidworks Conversion & Drafting Services from Chemionix.

Let us give you some simple scenarios where something like this could happen. These scenarios become less trying when you are working in tandem with an Outsource Solidworks drafting company like Chemionix.

  • Let us suppose that you were using AutoCAD based solutions all these years. Going forward, you may have decided to switch your entire design team from AutoCAD to Solidworks. When such a thing happens, you will be faced with a dilemma. Much of your past work will be in AutoCAD format and now you will be using Solidworks. You have no choice but to convert everything from one form to another. This is a time-consuming process and you are already aware of that.
  • You use Solidworks in your company’s design team and you are working with many clients. Some of your clients though, use AutoCAD and they keep sending you files that are in that format. You will have to convert these files into Solidworks before you can begin your work.
  • You only use AutoCAD solutions in your company but some of your clients keep sending you design files that were built using Solidworks. You simply don’t have the skills or the software to do the conversion to AutoCAD on your own.

As you have read till now, there are a number of scenarios where you will face situations that demand to deal with Solidworks. You have no choice but to do the conversion. We believe that it is never a good idea for you to do the conversion on your own and instead, take help from Chemionix e-Solutions Pvt Ltd for Solidworks Conversion Services. This will take up a lot of resources. A simple example is when you have one client who keeps sending you AutoCAD files and you use only Solidworks. Just for that one client, you will pay for licenses related to AutoCAD. Then, you have to engage a designer who has experience in AutoCAD. All of this is simply too expensive.

Have you thought about what will happen, if tomorrow, that one client who sends AutoCAD files, leaves? All that investment in AutoCAD related personnel and license is a huge waste now. That is not the way to do business. When you get a third party Solidworks Drafting India Company like Chemionix e-Solutions Pvt Ltd to meet all your conversion needs, you are saving costs in so many ways.

Perhaps the biggest gain to be had by letting a third party take over your drafting needs is scalability. Even if you could justify having your own conversion team, what happens when the demand for conversion suddenly increases? You cannot just increase the size of your team overnight. That is almost impossible. If your conversion was not handled in-house and outside the company was taking care of it, they can scale up overnight. This will definitely please your clients who will be pleased with your ability to handle sudden spikes in demand. This is the type of business gesture that turns regular customers into loyal customers. All this is made possible when you let an outsourcing company take care of your conversion needs. We are best for Solidworks Conversion Services.

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