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Electrical Design for Industrial Projects is Now Available in India with International Standards

The Mumbai based Chemionix Company has been a forerunner in Industrial Electrical Design and has well established ourselves in India & as well as in abroad too. We have handled projects for Commercial, Industrial and Residential sectors.

One of the most likely problems that the customers often face while looking for Electrical Design for Industrial Projects at the internet is that most of them do not know the standards working at local or international based design modules. We, at Chemionix have Senior Electrical Engineers and CAD designers’ teams have a good understanding of various local design codes as well as working on international standards. We know the value of on-time completion of a project. Our teams complete the project in such an effective manner, that the clients are bound to recommend our names. Our senior electrical engineers have a wide range of experience in the wiring diagrams, electrical plans, HT & LT electrical schematic designing circuit layout and planning required to meet different kinds of electrical design for Industrial projects for our clients around the world.

Industrial Electrical Design Outsourcing has been the main key behind running the success of our company. As per the project, one senior electrical engineer will be appointed as the node officer for directly interacting with our clients. This helps in making one single point of contact for communication and design delivery shipments.

We are currently providing services on Load list preparation, Electrical SLD (Single Line Design) and also schedules for electrical panel through which it can be included with the design so that it can be changed with the design. 3D modeling helps you a visual idea about the design which acts as low-cost solutions. Schedules can be done accordingly for the cable sizing as well as cable tray layouts. Also, a 3D model drawing with complete reference is being provided to our clients for their complete electrical system.

Layouts are the blueprints for any constructions. We will be providing our clients with various layout designs including panel rooms, power, electrical and lighting plans including the light fixture and load estimations for the lighting system.

Maintaining safety is our main priority and we are providing design for an emergency system. Our experienced engineers will provide you with the design for fire protection which will help in case of fire. We are also providing different kinds of designs for the power distribution system which will protect the equipment from any power surge. According to the usage of switchgear, transformers, a schematic one-line diagram will be given by our Electrical engineers to help the clients understand their power distribution system.

Various kinds of audio, video and data communication design solutions are available so that it can integrate accordingly. Finally, we are helping our clients in making a bill of Materials to be used for electrical items.

Our services are not limited to the Industrial sector alone. We are also providing electrical schematic drawings for residential buildings and home as well as for residential outfits too. This includes areas like administrative offices or commercial buildings, shopping malls or public establishments, refineries, industrial plants, power stations as well as for schematics for fire protection systems and communication systems.

So why don’t you visit our website at Chemionix Solutions to know about our various services and save on your industrial electric design by outsourcing with us?

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