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Electrical CAD Drafting by Chemionix e-Solutions

Chemionix e-Solutions, a firm based in India’s financial capital city of Mumbai offers flexible services in the field of electrical CAD drafting services. The firm has a wide array of electrical engineers who prepare designs with a lot of quality and disciplined work. The management also consists of an expert team of leaders who have always excelled in providing the right amount of direction the company has been in need of.

The company worked on preparing CAD drafting for an industrial building in Spain. The engineers always start off a project with a kickoff meeting. It helps in the understanding of the local issues and the discussion of the best standards that are to be followed during the course of the project work. Clients were requested to provide for their specifications (symbols and legends) that were to be maintained for the project. All of the layering attributes and the dimension settings specified by the clients were strictly followed.

  • Single line diagrams were prepared along with voltage drop calculations for every single cable size and schedule.
  • Lighting fixtures that require dialux calculations were generated. The lighting layout and looping diagram of these fixtures were also prepared.
  • Cable tray routings were prepared. These cable tray routings also contained cable tagging, necessary sectional views, and all support details.
  • The final bill of material was then generated for the entire project.

Electrical CAD drawings were submitted to clients for their examination on a regular basis. Customer priority is of utmost importance to Chemionix and all suggestions and inputs were taken into account during the development of a design. A project completion time solely depends on the size of the project at stake. Although it is fair to assume that the company can deliver a normal-sized project on about eight weeks’ time as was in the case of this industrial building.

Chemionix e-Solutions deliver electrical drafting services for almost every kind of project. The business policies of the company allow it to offer services at very competitive rates compared to other similar companies in the market these days. It is very beneficial to customers and also helps them in monetary matters. One can be assured that there will be no lapse in the quality of the work despite the minimal price rates.

The company uses a bunch of very talented and skilled engineers in the design and drafting segment. A lot of work is applied and certain designs for the project are prepared. All of the CADs are prepared using the latest software available in the market to ensure quality and accurateness.

Chemionix has established itself as a major force worth reckoning in the field design and drafting. As an electrical drafting outsourcing company, it has already handled clients from Australia, UK, USA, and India. The company has started to move to newer pastures in Europe. With loads of experience in the bag the company is always looking for expansion, delivering better services at competitive prices and to increase their business.

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