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Convert your Paper Drawings into CAD

19th November, 2014, Mumbai: Chemionix is a multi-discipline company providing wide range of Engineering solutions and CAD design services. Of the many companies in the market giving CAD Conversion Services, Chemionix is a leading name. We not only specialize in CAD conversion but many other fields such as, Engineering drawings, Architectural , floor plan design, 2D, 3D  drawings and others as well. Excelling in CAD conversion we provide Paper to CAD conversions, PDF to CAD conversions, hand sketch to CAD conversion, scan to CAD Conversion services image to CAD conversion and CAD Drafting services.

Keeping up with the cut-throat competition in the market, our motto and secret to success has been professionalism, reliability, and cost effective range of Engineering and drafting solutions. Our relentless hard work and dedication has led to the prosperity of our clients. That is why we continue to be one of the most sought after agencies in INDIA as well as abroad.

Hand in hand with our hard work goes in the best sate of the art facilities present at this current time and our will to gift customers with their desired CAD Conversion. We also convert all types of Mechanical, Electrical, Architectural, HVAC, Maps and Plumbing etc. Being an agency run for a customer oriented because our main aim always remains to provide satisfactory drawings and conversion to our clients. We are fast, accurate, advanced in our methods and therefore, undesired results are not in practice. Another area that we stress at is client satisfaction not only in the drawings or products as well as dealings with our executives. They are well versed, polite and effective. So in case of any unwanted problem they are always at hand to help.

Our methods implemented are in accordance with the latest technological developments in this field of drawings and paper to CAD Conversion. All we need is a scanned image of the actual piece of drawing and we are sure to deliver accurate CAD image drawing to you.  Our technological expertise in this field leads us to provide PDF to CAD conversion at a very affordable and competitive price. For paper to CAD conversion, we maintain the actual dimension of the drawing. We provide layer specification as per client, appropriate scale size as per client. We maintain international standard which increases our acceptability. We provide template design as per client as well as we double check the CAD drawing before returning it to the client for approval.  Thus functioning as a cohesive unit is another feature in the working of CHEMIONIX.

There are numerous other benefits of converting paper based drawing to CAD based drawings. One of them is that it helps to keep the drawing in a more organized manner. It eliminates misplaced drawings; reproduction of the drawings becomes easier and can be easily transferred via modern electronic means of exchange such as emails. Immediate availability of information gives an edge. CAD Conversion Services are also beneficial in a way as our engineering team always double checks the cad conversionsto deliver the right quality CAD Designs.

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