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Company Expertise in Revit MEP Design

Chemionix E-solutions Pvt ltd is one of the finest companies providing engineering and design services to many multi-national projects as well as international projects. Some of the industries that this firm serves are the pharmaceutical and the architectural design and drafting companies. With a professional group of mechanical, electrical and civil engineers the foundation of the company is strong and provides the finest of service. Chemionix is a company that has expert technical knowledge as well as provides the services at a low cost and the standard of service is of international quality.

MEP design services are offered by all the architectural companies with Chemionix being the best to provide these services. With the firm specialized in solving complex modeling problems and with the help of AutoCAD, Revit, and solid works. Some of the high quality with fewer cost services is MEP Drafting Services, MEP drawings, MEP design services, and MEP modeling services. Some of the other services include HVAC Duct, HVAC design services, and HVAC layout design along with HVAC piping design and plumbing drawings and plumbing design are also some of the high-quality services. MEP services being recommended and is a trustworthy title in the field of engineering design of buildings and firms. Some of the finest design services are the AutoCAD MEP design and drafting process as well as mechanical, electrical and plumbing drawings draftings and system designing. energy analysis modeling and Revit BIM Modeling are also some of the design services offered by architectural firms.

A Revit MEP design modeling project includes some of the following details such as the MEP CAD models for the new buildings and structural modeling as well. Another important stuff is the MPE three dimensional models which are fully co-coordinated as well as elaborately detailed. For a newly built hospital, MEP modeling which should be complete and should comprise of all the MEP services.

Companies also provide Revit MEP outsourcing services in the fields of HVAC, electrical, fire fighting, plumbing, and drainage as well as safety and security. In the HVAC category, some of the services that are outsourced include the designing of the chilled water systems and the DX AC systems and the designing of the forced ventilation systems and the smoke ventilation systems and then it also provides services in the designing of low side air distribution systems. In the electrical department, the services outsourced as the HV switchgear and transformer services as well as the diesel generators and monitoring the power distribution system and the emergency lighting as well. In the fire fighting department, the services that are outsourced are the designing of the pumping systems and the hydrants as well as the sprinklers. In the safety and security zone, the outsourced services are the fire alarm systems and the aspiration systems and the CCTV systems as well.

The Revit MEP services help in the visualization of the three dimensional MEP models which helps to have an inner look of the MEP model prior to the actually constructed structure.

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