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Chemionix Brings One of the Best Instrumentation Design & Detailing to Worldwide Clients

Chemionix is a one of the leading engineering design and CAD outsourcing companies provide various types of engineering services for wide spectrum of projects and other people involved in the field of industrial designs. This Mumbai based company has been ruling the market all over the globe with its excellent instrumentation design outsourcing services. Our company is occupied with skilled CAD designers, technicians, Sr. Instrumentation Engineers & drafters to provide our clients with the best possible service.

Instrumentation design is required widely in the control process and automation industries. Our team designs engineering drawings for construction or any other specific purposes and helps the architects with their projects. Chemionix has the potential and capability to design any type of plant requiring any kind of multi-tasks. We have already assisted millions of clients in their projects.

Chemionix e-solutions Pvt. Ltd has been conquering the world of engineering works through its team of well-skilled persons from various fields of engineering like chemical, mechanical, piping, electrical, civil and structural. We have the potential to complete an instrumentation design for any kind of complex projects. Our company uses the latest technology and our clients get chances to access the best CAD designing software available.

Chemionix solutions provide a wide range of services in instrumentation design services like PFD’s, P&ID’s, reviews, field instrument Datasheets for the field projects, JB specifications, a Block diagram for the model design including loop and wiring based drawings, etc. We also prepare bills for the material required and can give an estimate costing of all the expenses to be done during the execution of the project. Our team members can give our clients all the possible aids like the configuration of the control system and its designs, cable and wire sizing and its thorough schedule.

For the designing of the control loop, Chemionix e-solutions Pvt. Ltd can provide a wide variety of control loop design alternatives so that the customers can be able to choose any of the designs and use in their projects. In the field of power and control panel layouts, our experienced members can give details of the instrument, power, and control panel design required for the project as per the international specifications. We also do work with local fabricators to have extended knowledge and to create assembled designs and test them and in some cases, also do field installations, DCS integrations, etc.

Software migration and outsourcing CAD services provide by Chemionix solutions help clients in numerous ways other than designs. Our detailed designs estimate costing and advanced use of technology reduce the time period of the project and along with it also decreases the cost and errors related to data occurring while entering the data from one system to another.

Chemionix solutions mainly target of helping their clients through evaluating their projects and then sketch out a process flow diagram indicating the actual project work process. Use of latest licensed software like AutoCAD, Revit Architecture, Revit MEP, Intelligent P&ID, AutoCAD Plant Suite, 3D Max, Solidworks, Inventor, etc.makes Chemionix solutions one of the best outsourcing company for various designs including instrumentation design.

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