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CAD to Revit Migration Services

Chemionix e-solutions Private Limited uses mainly the Revit software for designing all its building structures unless the clients make a different request. Most of our clients do agree for using the Revit architecture program as it gives more efficient outputs than other conventional CAD programs. Chemionix realized the growing potential of the Revit market and hence included the Revit designing services at a very young period. At present, we handle various types of Revit designing projects and are considered as one of the top Revit outsourcing companies. The Revit program is complicated and hence needs trained professionals to handle it. Chemionix has the best engineers who are well trained at the Revit designing process. Normally hiring Revit programmers and creating a mechanical designing infrastructure cost more than outsourcing the designing project. Hence all companies with inadequate infrastructure prefer to assign the job to other well-equipped companies.

Sometimes builders or contractors have an existing 2D draft design with them but want a better 3D design of the same structure. For such clients, we offer the 2D to 3D conversion facility which can be easily accomplished by the dwg to rvt conversion services, which proves to be more cost-effective than building a 3D structure from the beginning. We can design perfect details of all the parts of a building, like walls, floors, doors, stairs, ceiling, roofs, and all the piping and electrical systems. Whenever we design a project we keep all the information in a database for future reference. We can ideas from them for our future work or derive solutions for various problems. We even show these previous designs to our clients to let them know about the quality of our work.

The reason as to why the Revit MEP software is fast replacing the conventional CAD program because it can perform tasks 10 times faster and gives many informative and accurate designs. It is possible to make CAD to Revit conversion by transferring the CAD data to Revit using the XML schema program. It is easier to make any design changes in a Revit MEP than in a CAD because the Revit program tells the programmer about the various effects that a particular change will have on the entire structure. In the CAD design, it was the responsibility of the programmer to calculate the various parameters and derive the required results. The Revit software computes all the mathematical calculations using complex algorithms to provide our engineers with the effects of a particular modification.

Since we have a vast experience in the field of Revit design, it makes us the supreme choice for providing CAD to Revit outsourcing services. The Revit software stores all the design information at a single location making it easier for our engineers to integrate and coordinate the designing process. The Revit software produces an exact 3D model of the original structure so that you can have a detail 360-degree view of your building.

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