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BIM for Landscape Architecture at Chemionix

Chemionix has introduced BIM for landscape architecture, keeping in note a number of benefits and features that it can offer.

BIM is simply the next generation technology that has made things much convenient and transparent in the AEC industry such as the landscape industry. The technology has replaced printed drawings with a digital landscape model.

Many experts have earlier considered that the digital landscape model can be created with the use of many different options also such as tools that can create 3d models. But soon the main difference came up that the models created by other tools lacked information of the landscape. While in case of BIM, it offered 3d model of the landscape along with proper information and detailing of it.

Apart from this, there have been various benefits that have led BIM to be one of the best options in landscape architecture.

Enables proper planning

The very first and most crucial benefit of BIM is that it allows the architecture to have a proper planning done before starting the work. This is possible because the model offers a complete detailing about things so that a number of elements can be estimated such as quantity scheduling, model coordination, material takeoffs, and many others. Hence, a number of times, extra cost that may have got levied on the raw materials are saved. It offers a proper documentation process through which the work can be started with a full confidence.

Design Decisions

Providing a 3d designing of the landscape architecture by BIM Modeling can also help in a number of other things such as getting design decisions that are actually critical in nature. One of the examples is that you can estimate looking at the design about capturing and storing of the rainwater.  Similarly, there are many other such decisions that can be made by having a look at the 3d model created by BIM.

Efficient in all means

BIM created a 3d model of the landscape architecture that is much transparent in nature in comparison to the traditional one. This also helps the architects and the experts to have a deep look in the design and review about any errors in the design. Such errors can be checked out much in advance so that no issues can come up when the construction starts. Also, the system offers better coordination among the team so that the task can be done in a much efficient way in all means.

Thus, BIM comes loaded with a lot of benefits and it is highly capable of provide efficient outcome and saving money. Currently, BIM is becoming a standard in places such as UK and architects are relying upon it much more for various projects due to its benefits and also an interesting approach towards landscape architecture.

Publication / Article Source: prlog.org