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BIM Design Outsourcing Services | Improving Process, Quality & Communication

The use of Building Information Modeling is a BIM service that plays a vital role in the future of construction, which is going digital in this era. The Global Building Information Modelling Market has been expected to reach approx 4200 million USD by the end of 2023. Major challenges for various companies include cost and time errors, and lack of expert professionals who own a holistic understanding of BIM. 

Not just that, but also great knowledge in terms of infrastructure and technology for different services. In all this mess. It seems near impossible for in-house services to surpass tasks. Hence, outsourcing BIM services especially for the development of Revit models is of great benefit.

Keeping in mind the research of 300 contracting firms, out of which 40% of companies have outsourced BIM, keeping it the most used and genuine facet. Are you still unsure of outsourcing one? The following benefits will help prove its legibility.

  • Mitigated Risks & Reduced Costs

An improved ROI with controlled operating costs, providing greater ability to use BIM services that will be utilized only when needed. This will help when you’re equipped to scale days of sudden hikes in case of higher demand. A decrease in operating costs will allow you to save cash on office space, tools, and employee benefits.

  • Clear Communication & Crisp Collaboration

Established workflow and proper communication will help you outsource work with great boost and confidence. All this only with the right partner, with efficiency and trust as an ally of growth. Outsourcing BIM services will help with improved quality, process, and communication. This will play a vital role in accuracy, speed, reduction, etc.

  • Higher Chance of Great Productivity

Access to great quality services by an expert team who are genuinely best at what they do, with a complete focus on core competencies. BIM outsourcing will give you an opportunity with lower costs. This will be of great benefit in overcoming the challenges of delivering BIM projects within your deadlines, operational complexity, limited workforce, and operational complexity.

BIM Modeling Services With Chemionix

The Chemionix team specializes in Architectural & MEP BIM modeling services using Revit and ArchiCAD software. We offer our best assistance in providing the exact BIM Modeling of your building design. Our services are available for Residential, Commercial & HealthCare Projects. We also offer BIM Modeling Services for Industrial Projects and therefore, we cover the most ground in providing Integrated BIM modeling services according to the requirements of our international clients. This is one of the most convenient means of communicating and with the proper visual representation.

Benefits Of Outsourcing BIM Modeling Services 

  • Our efficient BIM Modeling has made it a lot easier to improve the process of client communication and speed up the process of client approvals.
  • It is also a better means of collaboration between the design team and to help increase the efficiency of the architects involved.
  • Not only that it should also be kept in mind that BIM Modeling can trigger automatic updates with design modification and can also automatically detect needs for revisions
  • It is also a lot easier to get approvals much faster by reducing the time consumed during the process of review and approval.
  • Offers Clash Detection for the integrated projects which is extremely helpful for avoiding any mistakes during the construction phase From the BIM model, we can generate a Bill of Quantity for the entire project as part of the Design package.
  • Developing Augmented Reality and Animation from the BIM model.

With Chemionix you can always rely on the accuracy of work and complete dedication to the project. We dedicate our efforts to providing the most satisfactory results for our clients. We are also always ready to provide our best assistance in the best efforts of making any kind of changes or edits necessary. 

Wish to start your project with us? We’re all ears! 

Give us a call, and we’ll have your work assisted with the best guidance of our experts.